Wednesday, May 25, 2011

15 Question Meme

This was started by Anna @ Defiant Success and I have fifteen questions about the movies and I will try to answer the best way possible.

1. What movie do I have passion for?  I always watch the movie every single time when it was on television and I think about it when I'm at school.
Ghostbusters logo design
The_Human_Centipede__First_Sequence_ movie poster2.  What movie will not watch for entire life? Mine would be The Human Centipede. The reason I will not watch this movie because of the movie poster. The poster has this creepy centipede that inside a human or something inside it. Another why I won't watch it is because I don't want any creepy images from the movie in my mind forever.

3.What movie made you speechless?
The movie that made me speechless was Inception. The plot was so complex and beautiful that was really speechless. Even, the special effects made me speechless. This movie will always make me speechless whenever I think about it.

johnny depp 4 Johnny Depp4. Movies you always recommend? The movies I will recommend if I met a classic film buff is Lawrence of Arabia. The movie is such a amazing movie. I wish all the young adults see this movie, but they almost always don't see any of the classic movies that I have seen in the past.
5. A actor or actress you would watch even if it is a bad movie?
My answer would be Johnny Depp. I just love that is acting is really good, even if it is a dull movie.

6. Actor/Actress you don't get the appeal for
Roberr Patterson and Kristen Stewart.  Kristen Stewart always seems so ugly, even if she wearing makeup. Robert Patterson is super boring and the girls will chase him like crazy, even if he done a horrible acting like the character in the movie. I don't get why a lot of people are appealed to them.

7. Which Actor or Actress do you want to meet, even if they're dead or alive.
The person I would like to meet is Bruce Lee.  I always wonder what happened off set when he didn't do a karate movie. That the person I will meet even if they're dead or alive.
8. Hottest actor or actress ever? (Picture required!)
The hottest actress to me is Megan Fox. I can't describe how hot she is to me.

9. Who would you like in your dream cast?
I would love to have Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Cane, and Jack Nicholson in some movie together. I that not possible, but you can dream of that happening in the movie theaters.

10. Who your favorite acting pairing
My favorite acting pairing is Robert Redford and Paul Newman. I love the chemistry of how they react into the characters. It's so sad that they have two movies together where they're acting together.

11. Favorite Movie Setting
My favorite movie setting in Paris, France. There so much iconic places and it really gorgeous city I wish to go in the future.

12. Favorite Movies Decade
The 2000's since I live in the decade of some the best movies were filmed in my opinion
13.Chick Flick or Action Movies?
I would rather watch a Action Movies since I find the plots of chick movies more boring than action movies.

14. Hero, Anti-Hero, or Villain? I chose villain because the more dark they are the better.

15. Black and White or Color
I prefer Color, even though I seen about one black and white movie in my life.

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