Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bettlejuice (1988 Movie)

   Percent for this film is 80 percent
This movie is the most darkest family comedy film I've seen and the films name is Beetlejuice. The last time I seen this I didn't like it. I'm giving this dark comedy family film a second chance since its director is Tim Burton.
Barbara (Geena Davis) is are having a vacation with Adam (Alec Baldwin) decide to stay at at New England because they are decorating their  country home at that place. Barbabra and Adam come back home and they learned that they are deceased couple in a spirit form. The new house residents are the Deetzers who have arrived form New York City. The family is Charles (Jeffery Jones) a person who wants to do sculpture. Another member of the family is Delia (Catherine O' Hara) who is Charles's second wife. The child is Lydia (Winona Ryder) who is the daughter of Charles from first marriage and she is goth. Adam and Babara met Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) when their case worker Juno (Sylvia Sylvia) advised them not to. Adam and Barbara met Beetlejuice and don't want him on the team.

The plot was extremely dark and funny at the same time. The plot was something you would expect in a Tim Burton movie. The plot was also very original for a dark and funny movie that is listed for American Film Institutes for Best Comedy in 88th place.

 The acting was good. Winnona Ryder did a excellent job acting like a goth girl. Michael Keaton did a excellent job playing a crazy man named Beetlejuice. Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin acting in this movie was okay and wasn't the best effort of the two actors.

 The screenplay was dark and funny. The dancing scene at the dinner table was very unique for a movie. It was just a good and creative screenplay. Please don't make this into a remake.

This movie is a good dark movie for older kids and it was a great dark from Tim Burton.

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