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Paul Newman- 1st Biography of a Male Actor

Introduction:  He's one of famous movie stars of all time and his roles were extremely iconic. His name was Paul Newman

Early Life and College
Paul Leonard Newman was born on January 26, 1925 at Shakers Heights, Oregon ( which is a suburb of Cleavland, Ohio. His parents were Alfred S. Newman and Theresa Fetzer.  When Newman was two years old he moved to a different place in Shakers Heights. He attended public school in Shakers Heights and graduated from Shakers Heights High School in January 1943. He went to Ohio University for single term in college. When he was done with the first term of Ohio University he decided to be enlisted in the Navy. He was hoping for pilot training, but that didn't happen. His job in the Navy was to be a tail gunner and a radio operator on torpedo bombings. He spent most of his time in World World II in the Pacific Ocean. His job in the Pacific Ocean is to resupplied the soldiers and training crews. Another job of his in the Pacific Ocean is to make sure the soldiers have Innocent free missions. Before Paul Newman had his discharge, he went to a college called Kenyon College. Kenyon College was a place in the rural of Oregon that is extremely small and it was one of the best respected men's school when Paul was in college again. Paul was kicked out of the football team of Kenyon College because of what happened in the barroom brawl.  A barroom brawl is a conflict without any rules whatsoever. When Paul got kicked out of the team he decided that he should start acting. That will be one the main  stuff he has focused on . Paul graduated in 1949 at the Kenyon College. In December 1949 he married a girl named Jacqueline White. She has been in Paul's stock troupe in acting class. The couple had three kids. The kids Paul and Jacqueline names are Scott, (born in 1950), Susan (born in 1953), and Stephanie who was born in 1955. Jacqueline and Paul divorced in 1958 while the children were all little kids.  Paul's acting almost ended in stock. In the spring of 1950 his father was completely ill in Paul's hometown in Cleavland and Paul went to see his father immediately. In May 1950 his father died and Paul stayed in the Newman's Company place.  In the fall of 1950, the family had sold the Newman's Company to someone else and Paul can returning back to acting. In the fall of 1951, he enrolled a graduate program in dramatic acting in Yale University. Paul was hoping to get a master degree so he can go and teach at Kenyon College. Instead, some New York agent was in a talent search of a great actor and they said to Paul to get a job back in the city of New York City.

Luck at Acting jobs for his Career and the early years in Hollywood.
Paul always declared himself a luck fellow and that's what happened in New York City. This is why Newman called Newman's Luck. When he came into New York he was acting in some television series. Then, he won a role about a rich man who loses his girlfriend from his friend. The production he was in was called William Inge's Picnic. Paul was in about four hundred performances in this Broadway play. Hollywood couldn't help but notice Paul. In 1954 had a acting contract in Warner's Brothers. They had him in his first film debut which was called The Silver Chalice. The Silver Chalice almost made Paul lose his acting career forever.  Newman came back to Broadway as the role of Glen Griffin in The Desperate Hours.  When Paul was done in the Broadway play he casted in a movie where he played in sort- of autobiography movie about a guy named Rocky Grazino. Also, Rocky Grazino was a boxer and Paul acting like a boxer in the movie called Somebody Up There Likes Me. This performance changed his own life and he has begun his Hollywood career as an actor. Thought the early years in Hollywood he had a romance with Joanne Woodward. The couple had met each other in the cast of Picnic. The marriage with Jacqueline did work at all.  The public and her knew about Paul relationship with Joanne  Joanne and Paul were in a movie together which was the The Long, Hot Summer. In January 1958, Paul divorced Jacqueline was . On the day after Paul divorced Jacqueline he married Joanne at Las Vegas, Nevada.  Joanne and Paul will have three children. The children's name were (Nell )(born in 1959), Melissa ( born in 1961), and Clea (born in 1965).

Top Male Star in Hollywood
In a decade at Hollywood Paul became the Top Male Star in Hollywood for a whole decade.  He was a Oscar nominee and did'nt win the award too. Paul worked with directors such as Alfred Hitchcock,  Otto Preminger, Leo McCarey, and Michael Curtiz.  Paul was a sex symbol and man's man which is very rare combination as a Hollywood star. The movies he was in when he was the top star of Hollywood was Butch Cassidy, Hud, Harper, Lady L, The Outrage, The Hustler, and Cool Hand Luke. In1968 Paul was a director for his first movie which is called Rachel, Rachel. The role for his wife in this film was a school teacher. One the most successful partnership in the History of Hollywood which is Robert Redford and Paul Newman. The partnership started in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and the last time they filmed together was in The Sting. Paul worked for some the best movie makers in 1970. The directors he worker for in  the 1970's were Robert Altman and John Ford. Paul second film he made was called Sometimes a Great Notion which is an adaption of a Ken Kesey's classical novel.  
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - Paul Newman - Elizabeth Taylor
Sad Tragedy changed Paul's roles as a actor and his later life.
Newman's roles as an actor changed because of Scotty's death. His roles were Judge Roy Bean, Buffalo Bill, and a over top hockey player/coach named Reggie Dunlop. He begin to play grown up men who were haunted by these hurtful events. The movies were he played these certain types of characters were Fort Apache: The Bronx, Absence of Malice and The Verdict.  These movies were some of the best acting that Paul done in his careers and still won't get a Oscar nomination or win. In 1986, The Academy Awards honor his achievements in the acting business. The next year Paul has finally won a Academy Award for the movie called The Color of Money. The Color of Money was the sequel to The Hustler, which Paul did in the early 1960's. Newman's still did a dozen  acting jobs such as the Road to Perdition, Nobody's Fool, and Cars. Newman died at age of 83 and the date of his death was September 26, 2008. The reason Paul died because of lung cancer.

Fun Facts and Trivia:
  1. Newman's Own  is one the most successful business that is owned by Paul Newman before he died in 2008.
  2. Paul Newman had a passion of auto racing since he was in the film Winning.
  3. Paul spoke to  people about nuclear wars and other stuff that was important to him about politics.
  4. Paul won some national professional auto racing championship in the 1970's and 1980's.
  5. Paul founded the Scott Newman Center which focus on drug additions and its treatments as well to teach people not to do drugs.
  6. In 1994, Paul won the Jean Herscholt Humanitarian for his own charity worker as a fellow citizen.
  7. Newman started a camp called The Wall Gang Camp which was founded in Connecticut.

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