Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Pink Panther (2006 verison) Orignial movie and Remake Movie # 1 for Blog Marathon

 The movie is pretty bland and not funny at all and I will suffer this movie just for the blog marathon that I have posted on May 13, 2011.
 Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin) was a useless detective who was watching the soccer game and somehow the coach of France died with a poison dart on his neck.. The ring  Yves Gluant (Jason Statham) had on his hand was called The Pink Panther. Charles Dreyfuss (Kevin Kline) wanted  Inspector Clouseau to find the pink panther for his first mission. Inspector Clouseau figured out the murder was the soccer trainer. Inspector Clouseau said that Xania (Beyonce Knowles) can keep the pink panther.
 The acting was horrible. Beyonce was their was barley talking and was mainly there to sing. Steve Martin did a horrible job acting like Inspector Clouseau. Steve Martin never seemed to make me laugh at the movies remake. Only Peter Sellers should do the role of Inspector Clouseau. Pete Sellers made the character funny and he's the only one who can make people laugh at the special effects of the movie.
 The plot was not very original. It's the same story about the same diamond all over again. The only part that was different to me is the part of the soccer star coach getting killed on the field. Like I said the plot was almost the exact same story.
  The screenplay was very cheesy. It was cheesy because it  was felt like you're hearing the same quotes or something similar to a quote before. The screenplay was not original because it based on the original film which is also called The Pink Panther.
 This film can be more entertaining for someone who is about five years old to a twelve years old.The jokes are some of the same stuff they do in movies. For example, Inspector Clouseau want to look at the bowl, but it sounded like balls. It just crude humor that not even funny for a fourteen year old. The movie can be enjoyable for some people ages, but not for all.
 The movie was not entertaining and I don't recommend it to anybody. I can see why the critics don't like the movie that much.

Rating for this film: 30 percent

The Pink Panther


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