Monday, May 30, 2011

The Top 10 Best Movies of the James Bond series

James Bond, licensed to kill
This is the ten top of best movies of the James Bond series. I had to choose which of the 21 films of Bond movies have I seen should make the Top Ten. Here are the best James Bond movies in my opinion.

1. Goldfinger
If Bond had a perfect action movie this one would be it. We got one of the best villains in the whole series whose name is Goldfinger. You got a strong henchman whose name was Oddjob. We had one the most interesting Bond girls in a movie and her name is @#!*% Galore. This moves has one the most famous quotes of all time in a Bond movie. Another iconic scene is where a girl has died because she was turned into gold.  This is the most memorable Bond movie ever!

2.From Russia with Love
This movie is one the best classical movie ever in a Bond series besides Goldfinger. You get to meet B
You have Rosa Klebb who has a deadly weapon in her high heels. You have Red Grant a very anger henchman. You got a girl who works for Soviet Army and is love with James Bond. Her name is Tatiana Romanova. This one the films that a lot people know and maybe seeing as a child.

3. Casino Royale
This movie is one the best recent Bond movies that appeared on the movies. We had a Bond Girl that James was really in love with. The Bond Girl name was Vesper Lynd. This film has the saddest ending in a Bond movies  besides On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

4. Dr. No
This movie is the first Bond movie and it introduces us to one the greatest film series in the world has to offer for action fans. You've got on the most memorable bikini scene in this movie. The Bond girl is easily the most unique girl and her name was Honey Ryder in the movies. The  iconic villain  name is Julius No AKA Dr. No. I am thankful that Dr. No made this franchise the most successful movies ever.

5.The Spy Who Loved Me
This movie has some the most amazing special effects in the movies, even if it's outdated.  You had a memorable henchmen who name was Jaws. You got a Bond girl who name was Agent Triple X AKA Anya Amasova. This might be the best acting Roger Moore did in a bond movie beside For Your Eyes Only

That goodness that this Bond movie was successful or we would of have no more James Bond movies.
The was a friend who  turned into a enemy and his name was 006 AKA Alec Trevelyan. You got a henchman who can squeeze really hard and her name Xeina Onatopp. You got a bond girl who survive the Goldeneye attack and is a skilled programmer. The girl who is a skilled programmer name is Natalya Simonova. This was worth the six years of waiting since License to Kill.

7. For Your Eyes Only
This is the second best job that Roger Moore did as James Bond. This girl wanted revenge for the people who killed her parents. Her name was Melina Havelock. You have a villain who is a double agent and his name was Aris Kristatos. This movie is a fun action and adventure that anyone could like unless they don't like action movies

8. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
This movie is the first time we get to see James Bond fall in love with someone. The girl James was in love with was Tracy Draco and married her too. You got a memorable henchman whose name was Irma Bunt and she caused a really sad event on the wedding event. This is one the saddest movie I've ever seen in the series besides Casino Royale.

9.License to Kill
 The is most disturbing movie that series had to offer. This is the most darkest film I had ever seen in the series and the most unusual Bond movie ever. You get one of the most harsh villain in the series whose name was Franz Sanchez. The got one of the bravest Bond Girl whose name was Pam Bouiver. This one the best recent movies beside Casino Royale.

10. The Living Daylights
This movie shows James Bond in a different way for the first time. The girl that James dates is a musical who can play the cello. Her name was Kara Milovy. We have a villain who is a Soviet general and his name is Georgi Koskov. This movie has a unique difference than most James Bond movies.
Movies that were not selected: View to Kill, Diamonds are Forever, Octopussy, Die Another Day, The World is Not Enough, You Only Live Twice, Thunderball, Live and Let Die, Moonraker, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The Man with the Golden Gun.

Film I need to see in the series: Quantum of Solace


  1. Thunderball is a great movie itself, but I did not put it on the top 10 James Bond series.