Tuesday, June 28, 2011

End of the Week Post from June 20- June 26, 2011

Those are the main movies I saw this weekend and I will do a list of great film blogs website you should go to.

Green Lantern 3/10
Personally, having the movie introduction about Green Lantern wasn't a good idea. It make the movie viewer not that interesting in the movie anymore. There so many flaws in this film. You can easily count how many mistakes they are in this movie. You notice that the movie has a is horrible at the acting, story telling, visual effects, and screenplay idea too.

Field of Dreams 7/10
This film is a great and inspiring movie for the whole family. The acting is good enough and it's one the best family friendly movie of the 1980's besides the Star Wars series in my opinion. Make sure to watch this film with your own family.

 Here's the list of blogs you should go to.
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11. Ryan Marshall's Movie Review
12. The Blog of Lord Naseby
13. The CACB Blog

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things Coming Out in the Cinema: June 22, 2011- June 25, 2011

Cars 2
I think I should give this movie a chance because it's from Pixar. I had a horrible experience watching Cars in the cinema because the movie theaters close to my home made the movie extremely noisy. I did enjoy Cars when I saw it on the television and I think people who hated Cars should give this film a chance since it's from Pixar. Please don't listen to the critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes! Please listen to the audience this time!!!!

Bad Teacher
I am a guy who not interesting in romance movie usually. I predict this movie will be so bad because most critics aren't interesting in the romance genre. Sometimes a romantic movie can be good, but this one will be in the club of really bad romantic movie that critics don't like at all. The plot of this romantic movie sounds really bad to most of the guys who aren't fans of romantic movies

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prince of Persia:The Sands of Time

Most video games adaption never work and it seems that the video game it is based on is better than the movie itself. All of the video game adaption movie seems to be extremely bad and it is the truth for most critics and most of the film buffs too. Like ever single game adaption I bet that a actor or actress regretted being in the film itself.  This is the review of the video game adaption movie called Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time

The plot is about an boy who name is Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) who got adopted from the king named Sharaman (Ronald Pickup). Fifteen years later Dastan has to help the beautiful princess named Tamina (Gemma Arteron) put the dagger in the right place or else the world will be destroyed if the wrong people use the dagger. We learned that Nizam (Ben Kingsley) wants to kill every one in his family including Sharaman so he can get the dagger.

I personally felt that Ben Kingsley role was wasted at this movie. I known Ben Kinsley can choose better roles because he won a Academy Award for a great film called Gandhi. The acting was pretty horrible from the main actors. Even, Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arteron barley showed any emotion that a important main characters should so we can care about the main characters. The supporting characters were so dull that you wanted to fall sleep in your couch while watching the movie.

The screenplay was horrible. The screenplay was so bad that you  didn't even laugh at all for the whole entire film. There a lot of negative things I can say about the movie, but I don't want all them because the audience has heard all the insults of the screenplay.

Mike Newel directing felt extremely too fast for my liking. Usually when he directs there more emotion into the character and the scenes itself.  I hope personal hope that he gets back where he knows he good at directing at.

The film was a all round bad movie and the wasted the movie just so the movie production company can have money. It was pitfall and I don't recommend it to anyone who a action fan.

What I got: 30 percent -  I could barley survive the movie, but it was better than I expected on a terrible movie.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

End of the Week post

Here's are the film I had seen this week and I will make short review about the movie I've seen this week.

Prince of Egypt  Rating: 8/10

The Prince of Egypt is a inspiring movie and it quite interesting. The animation from the movie has really breathtaking, even if the animation is outdated to some people. It had great acting all round and it was a great movie.

Once Upon a Time in the West 10/10
This is my first time seeing a spaghetti western and my first time to see a Sergio Leone movie too. Sergio Leone  really amazing as a director. The first ten minutes was really silent and it made you interesting in the movie and you wanted to see all the movie without even sleeping until the movie is over. The acting was brilliant and it was perfect in my opinion.

The Secret of NIHM 7/10
The animation was okay, but completely outdated. The acting from Dom DeLuise was the best acting from this family movie. It a good movie for a eight year old to watch together as a family.

That's all I've this week in movies

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Character Interview for the characters of The Secret of NIMH.

I will interview the animated movie characters of The Secret of NIHM. Here's the interesting interview.

James: Who do you like shiny things Jeremy?
Jeremy: I love shiny things because it's so shiny and pretty
James: How all your four children doing since the house moved into a different location?
Mrs. Frisby: My four children are doing okay and Timothy is now healthy as a human.
James: Auntie Shrew, did you know that the bird you caught was a friend of Mrs. Frisby?
Auntie Shrew: How can that ugly mean spirited bird be a friend of Mrs. Frisby?
James: Maybe you should watch the movie yourself.
James: Justin, were you sad when Nicodemis died in the movie?
Justin: I was very sad that Nicodemis died and I wish him the best in rat heaven.

That's the end of the interview

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thing that our coming out in the US Cinema: June 17, 2011

Mr. Popper's Penguins
 We all know that this movie was based on a book. Sometimes a movie based on a book can be good, but this one doesn't look good at all. I really think this movie is something that  your younger kid want to see in the movie theaters and nobody else in the entire family want to see this  except the younger kid. The movie sound dull and should of have a better storyline in my opinion.

Green Lantern

I really want to see this, but since the Rotten Tomatoes rating is bad I might not want to see this. This movie might be the worst comic book idea of the year beside The Green Hornet. I feel sorry for Ryan Reynolds because I know he acts way better than this movie that coming out in the movie theaters.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Interviewing the characters in Star Trek (2009 movie)

A day ago I saw the movie the movie called Star Trek and it was directed by the wonderful movie director named J. J. Abrams. Here's the interview for the most of the Star Trek character in the 2009 movie,  even if it is not a original idea. I will be asking all the good details in the movie and the interesting questions that weren't answer in the movie.

James: What is this movie about Kirk?
Kirk: The movie is about the U.S.S. Enterprise and saving the my home planet Earth.
James: That wasn't helpful enough. I'll go asked Spock what the movie is about?
Spock: The movie is about a guy named Kirk who parent's died. Kirk wanted to be in the Starfleet Academy, but he cheated on the test. Doctor Scott Mc Coy helped Kirk by making sick on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Kirk and me help save the world with all the other important character from the villain named Nero.
James: Who is Nero Spock?
Spock: Nero destroyed my Vulcan and he killed Kirk father when he was born. He wanted revenge since another Vulcan destroyed his hometown and his own wife.
James: Uhara, why do you find Spock so hot and dreamy?
Uhara: I love Spock's pointy ears. I love the way his eyes are as pretty as plain glass. Also, I love how hot his body and I love his pointy ears of course. OMG! OMG! I I know my answer acted like a teenager when I answered your question.
James: Do you think helping your friend Kirk was the right thing to do?
Doctor McCoy: I think helping my friend was the best thing to do since I didn't want him to be alone by himself.
James: Do like Kirk Sulu and why do you trust Kirk?
Sulu: I trust Kirk because he is a great captian and he a very daring captain. I like Kirk because he is a good buddy of mine.

This is the end of the interview and I will do my next character interview on some movie, but I have no idea which movie I should do it on. Please comment if you want to about that suggestion I should do on the next character interview.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to Train Your Dragon

Waring: This review contains spoilers in plot section. If you didn't see this movie from beginning to end I recommend you to not read it.
Do you always wonder what is like to have a dragon as a pet? The best chance you will have to learn about what happens when a dragon is a pet is on How to  Train Your Dragon. The movie will inspire anyone who is child or an adult. Some people are inspired by this movie because they want to have a pet dragon or it has a important message of treat animals as your friend, not your enemy. There are many ways that the movie can change a person's life.
 The plot is about a boy named Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) who wants to be a dragon slayer for his troop of vikings. Stoick the Vast (Gerald Butler) wanted Hiccup to compete in the dragon slayer training because Stoick wants to how his son can do in the slayer training. Hiccup has to beat five other people who been selected in the dragon slayer training. Hiccup has to beat Astriod (America Ferrera) a girl Hiccup has been trying have her as a girlfriend. The second person Hiccup has to beat is a boy who has read the dragon's manual about seven times and his name is Fishlegs (Christopher Mintz- Plasse). The third person Hiccupp has to beat is a guy who also interested in Astroid and his name is Snoutlout (Jonah Hill) The final two people he has to beat are two twins named Tuffnut and Ruffut Thorston (Kristen Wig and T.J. Miller). Hiccup's apprentice is a person who has lost one of his legs and his name is Gobbler the Bleach (Craig Ferguson). When Hiccup started Slayer Training, he started to befriend his tribe while everyone else has no idea. Astroid is starting to figure out that something is strange about Hiccup in the dragon games. One day Astroid found Hiccup training his dragon who name is Toothless and she was pretty mad until Toothless flew with her.  Hiccup didn't really fight the dragon in the slayer training award and strated to show that dragons can be lovable creatures. Then, Hiccup blurted out that they was a dragon's nest for every single creature and Stoick takes Toothless with since he will know where the dragon nest is at. Stoick plan is to kill to dragons and Hiccup tells the five people he had in Slayer Training about his own unique plan. Hiccup kills the dragon and everyone wonders if Hiccup is dead. He wasn't dead and the tribe accepted his own way of how dragons should be their pets.
The screenplay was based on the book with same name from the author Cressida Cowell. This was a good idea to borrow the book idea because the book had something different about dragons that no one would except until the film comes out in the theaters. The thing that no one excepts until the movie was out that dragons can be your friend besides your enemies. Every single movie that you see with a dragon shows how that a human was a enemy with the dragon. In this movie you see something more creative idea related to dragons instead the same story about dragon all over again. The screenplay was different and it is still original idea for the screenplay
The acting from Gerald Butler was better than usual. He didn't act the way he does in action movie or romantic movie. It was something unique for him to performance something not romantic or action packed. Jay Buechel acting was so inspiring and anyone can relate to Hiccup in this outstanding performance of Jay Buchel's. The acting all around was fantastic. 
The film was fantastic. The film had perfect animation and has a great message for anyone. Go see it now if didn't see this movie last year!!!

Rating System: 9- The film was almost perfect, but you messed up on one thing that a perfect film should have.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rating System for Films Now

I though I should do something different instead of writing eighty percent on the reviews and so forth.  This will be the new and this rating system will be the same all the way for this blogging site.

10  The filmmaker was proud to make the perfect movie for everyone to see and it will be a classic to come for all generation to come.

9 Almost perfect, but you messed up on one thing that a perfect film should have.

8 The movie is excellent and I want you to see it. 

7 The filmmaker is improving his movie skill and it better than expected.

6 The movie was okay, but not excellent.

5 Help the filmmaker make a better film than a mediocre one.

4 Almost a mediocre one, but still has a lot of bad movie potential

3 I could barely survive the movie, but it was better than I excepted on a terrible movie

2 The filmmaker almost did a extremely shameful film, but some of it was better than the worst films ever.

1. The worst films ever and why did some person make this movie.

You're smiling even if your movies are some the worst movies ever and putting the thumb up sign too.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rio Bravo

Rating for film: 50 percent

This movie is about a sheriff named John T. Chance (John Wayne) is trying to arrest Joe Burdette (Claude Akins) before the cattle baron's brother named Nathan Burdette (John Russell) escape with him. His deputies are Pat Wheeler (Ward Bond) a waggoner and Stumpy (Walter Brennan)Another one of deputies is Dude (Dean Martin . Pat Wheeler introduces a young gunslinger who guard Pat's wagons named Colorado Rocky (Ricky Nelson).
The plot was pretty usual from all the western movies I seen, but it is still a overrated film that has a okay story. What I mean with the plot is pretty usual is like something like this example on the next sentence. Sheriff needs help catching this certain person who escape or they want revenge or something that happened to them. That's what I mean when the plot is pretty usual most western movies I've seen in my lifetime.
The acting was okay. There weren't anyone who was impressed me the most in the films. The acting was average. One the complaints I've have with John Wayne is he always seems to get the same role for almost every single movie. I think John Wayne should of have more variety in the movie genres that he didn't act in instead of the western genre almost all the time. Another compliant I've have is we didn't learn that much about the supporting characters and we don't really care about the characters too. All we learn about the hotel manger named Carlos (Pedro Gonzalez- Gonzalez) is he has a wife and he owns a bar. Is that how we learn about the supporting character and care about the character? I don't think so.
The screenplay was something that most John Wayne movies would say in it. The quotes was like this. "You're arrested and their nothing you can do about it", said some John Wayne character. That's what the screenplay was like in some of the movies John Wayne does in the western genre. I wish writers though of something more creative than that.

The main massage for this review is don't have high expectations unless you love westerns with the same plot and same story. That all the movie has to offer in the classical movie section.