Saturday, June 18, 2011

Character Interview for the characters of The Secret of NIMH.

I will interview the animated movie characters of The Secret of NIHM. Here's the interesting interview.

James: Who do you like shiny things Jeremy?
Jeremy: I love shiny things because it's so shiny and pretty
James: How all your four children doing since the house moved into a different location?
Mrs. Frisby: My four children are doing okay and Timothy is now healthy as a human.
James: Auntie Shrew, did you know that the bird you caught was a friend of Mrs. Frisby?
Auntie Shrew: How can that ugly mean spirited bird be a friend of Mrs. Frisby?
James: Maybe you should watch the movie yourself.
James: Justin, were you sad when Nicodemis died in the movie?
Justin: I was very sad that Nicodemis died and I wish him the best in rat heaven.

That's the end of the interview

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