Tuesday, June 28, 2011

End of the Week Post from June 20- June 26, 2011

Those are the main movies I saw this weekend and I will do a list of great film blogs website you should go to.

Green Lantern 3/10
Personally, having the movie introduction about Green Lantern wasn't a good idea. It make the movie viewer not that interesting in the movie anymore. There so many flaws in this film. You can easily count how many mistakes they are in this movie. You notice that the movie has a is horrible at the acting, story telling, visual effects, and screenplay idea too.

Field of Dreams 7/10
This film is a great and inspiring movie for the whole family. The acting is good enough and it's one the best family friendly movie of the 1980's besides the Star Wars series in my opinion. Make sure to watch this film with your own family.

 Here's the list of blogs you should go to.
1.Jack L. Movie Reviews
2.Cinematic Paradox
3. Blah blah blah gay- a movie review blog
4. The Silver Screen
6. Nick Plus Movies
7. Feminsing Film
8.Matt S. Film Reviews
9. Not Just Movies
10. Nothing is Written: A Film Blog
11. Ryan Marshall's Movie Review
12. The Blog of Lord Naseby
13. The CACB Blog


  1. I think Green Lantern is a movie that everybody is agreed on...it was bad, really bad!!

  2. It was a really bad movie. Totally agree with you hundred percent.