Sunday, June 19, 2011

End of the Week post

Here's are the film I had seen this week and I will make short review about the movie I've seen this week.

Prince of Egypt  Rating: 8/10

The Prince of Egypt is a inspiring movie and it quite interesting. The animation from the movie has really breathtaking, even if the animation is outdated to some people. It had great acting all round and it was a great movie.

Once Upon a Time in the West 10/10
This is my first time seeing a spaghetti western and my first time to see a Sergio Leone movie too. Sergio Leone  really amazing as a director. The first ten minutes was really silent and it made you interesting in the movie and you wanted to see all the movie without even sleeping until the movie is over. The acting was brilliant and it was perfect in my opinion.

The Secret of NIHM 7/10
The animation was okay, but completely outdated. The acting from Dom DeLuise was the best acting from this family movie. It a good movie for a eight year old to watch together as a family.

That's all I've this week in movies


  1. The Prince of Eygpt is a surprisingly good animated feature. Itis a shame that there are many who haven't even heard of it. I have afeeling it went pretty much straight to DVD whch doesn't do it justice at all.

    OUaTitW I was fortunate to see on the big screen last year. Greatest western ever, and as perfect as film can get.

  2. I'm am really jealous that you saw that Sergio Leone on the screen last year. It is a shame that most people don't even know about the Prince of Egypt. It was fun talking to you.