Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to Train Your Dragon

Waring: This review contains spoilers in plot section. If you didn't see this movie from beginning to end I recommend you to not read it.
Do you always wonder what is like to have a dragon as a pet? The best chance you will have to learn about what happens when a dragon is a pet is on How to  Train Your Dragon. The movie will inspire anyone who is child or an adult. Some people are inspired by this movie because they want to have a pet dragon or it has a important message of treat animals as your friend, not your enemy. There are many ways that the movie can change a person's life.
 The plot is about a boy named Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) who wants to be a dragon slayer for his troop of vikings. Stoick the Vast (Gerald Butler) wanted Hiccup to compete in the dragon slayer training because Stoick wants to how his son can do in the slayer training. Hiccup has to beat five other people who been selected in the dragon slayer training. Hiccup has to beat Astriod (America Ferrera) a girl Hiccup has been trying have her as a girlfriend. The second person Hiccup has to beat is a boy who has read the dragon's manual about seven times and his name is Fishlegs (Christopher Mintz- Plasse). The third person Hiccupp has to beat is a guy who also interested in Astroid and his name is Snoutlout (Jonah Hill) The final two people he has to beat are two twins named Tuffnut and Ruffut Thorston (Kristen Wig and T.J. Miller). Hiccup's apprentice is a person who has lost one of his legs and his name is Gobbler the Bleach (Craig Ferguson). When Hiccup started Slayer Training, he started to befriend his tribe while everyone else has no idea. Astroid is starting to figure out that something is strange about Hiccup in the dragon games. One day Astroid found Hiccup training his dragon who name is Toothless and she was pretty mad until Toothless flew with her.  Hiccup didn't really fight the dragon in the slayer training award and strated to show that dragons can be lovable creatures. Then, Hiccup blurted out that they was a dragon's nest for every single creature and Stoick takes Toothless with since he will know where the dragon nest is at. Stoick plan is to kill to dragons and Hiccup tells the five people he had in Slayer Training about his own unique plan. Hiccup kills the dragon and everyone wonders if Hiccup is dead. He wasn't dead and the tribe accepted his own way of how dragons should be their pets.
The screenplay was based on the book with same name from the author Cressida Cowell. This was a good idea to borrow the book idea because the book had something different about dragons that no one would except until the film comes out in the theaters. The thing that no one excepts until the movie was out that dragons can be your friend besides your enemies. Every single movie that you see with a dragon shows how that a human was a enemy with the dragon. In this movie you see something more creative idea related to dragons instead the same story about dragon all over again. The screenplay was different and it is still original idea for the screenplay
The acting from Gerald Butler was better than usual. He didn't act the way he does in action movie or romantic movie. It was something unique for him to performance something not romantic or action packed. Jay Buechel acting was so inspiring and anyone can relate to Hiccup in this outstanding performance of Jay Buchel's. The acting all around was fantastic. 
The film was fantastic. The film had perfect animation and has a great message for anyone. Go see it now if didn't see this movie last year!!!

Rating System: 9- The film was almost perfect, but you messed up on one thing that a perfect film should have.


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