Saturday, June 11, 2011

Interviewing the characters in Star Trek (2009 movie)

A day ago I saw the movie the movie called Star Trek and it was directed by the wonderful movie director named J. J. Abrams. Here's the interview for the most of the Star Trek character in the 2009 movie,  even if it is not a original idea. I will be asking all the good details in the movie and the interesting questions that weren't answer in the movie.

James: What is this movie about Kirk?
Kirk: The movie is about the U.S.S. Enterprise and saving the my home planet Earth.
James: That wasn't helpful enough. I'll go asked Spock what the movie is about?
Spock: The movie is about a guy named Kirk who parent's died. Kirk wanted to be in the Starfleet Academy, but he cheated on the test. Doctor Scott Mc Coy helped Kirk by making sick on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Kirk and me help save the world with all the other important character from the villain named Nero.
James: Who is Nero Spock?
Spock: Nero destroyed my Vulcan and he killed Kirk father when he was born. He wanted revenge since another Vulcan destroyed his hometown and his own wife.
James: Uhara, why do you find Spock so hot and dreamy?
Uhara: I love Spock's pointy ears. I love the way his eyes are as pretty as plain glass. Also, I love how hot his body and I love his pointy ears of course. OMG! OMG! I I know my answer acted like a teenager when I answered your question.
James: Do you think helping your friend Kirk was the right thing to do?
Doctor McCoy: I think helping my friend was the best thing to do since I didn't want him to be alone by himself.
James: Do like Kirk Sulu and why do you trust Kirk?
Sulu: I trust Kirk because he is a great captian and he a very daring captain. I like Kirk because he is a good buddy of mine.

This is the end of the interview and I will do my next character interview on some movie, but I have no idea which movie I should do it on. Please comment if you want to about that suggestion I should do on the next character interview.

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