Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rating System for Films Now

I though I should do something different instead of writing eighty percent on the reviews and so forth.  This will be the new and this rating system will be the same all the way for this blogging site.

10  The filmmaker was proud to make the perfect movie for everyone to see and it will be a classic to come for all generation to come.

9 Almost perfect, but you messed up on one thing that a perfect film should have.

8 The movie is excellent and I want you to see it. 

7 The filmmaker is improving his movie skill and it better than expected.

6 The movie was okay, but not excellent.

5 Help the filmmaker make a better film than a mediocre one.

4 Almost a mediocre one, but still has a lot of bad movie potential

3 I could barely survive the movie, but it was better than I excepted on a terrible movie

2 The filmmaker almost did a extremely shameful film, but some of it was better than the worst films ever.

1. The worst films ever and why did some person make this movie.

You're smiling even if your movies are some the worst movies ever and putting the thumb up sign too.

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