Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Dark Crystal movie review

Do you ever wonder what the darkest Jim Henson film there is before he died? This movie  has fantasy with a family friendly ideas. If I didn't give you any helpful clues about the movie I'm talking about you will find out what movie I'm talking about.

The plot of this movie is very unique and different than most Jim Henson movies. This movie is not your happy goofy film that you assume that Jim Henson would do with The Muppets before he died.  Instead, this movie is about a Gelfing who name is Jen. Jen is a elf like creature who has to do a quest since his ageing master is deceased. Jen is supposed to get crystal stuard which will help him with his prophecy against the cruel villains in the movie which were called Garthims. Also, Jen is has met an another Gelfing named Kira who help him with his quest besides a dog like pet named Fizzigig. 

The animation for this film is breathtaking. The animation is not like your usual CGI that you see in the movies today. The hands and facial features were controlled with primitive rods and cables. Also, Mystics costume were really heavy. The actors had to put up the Garthim costumes before they moved again in the movie while still being inside of the costume. I personally wish that Hollywood had more smart idea in ground breaking animation like in the original Clash of the Titans. The animation is a great example on how Hollywood needs to be original and give us refreshing ideas along the way. 

The screenplay was written by a guy named David Odell. David Odell used to work with Jim Henson on The Muppet's Show. He knows Jim Henson's imagination well and sounded like an idea that Jim Henson would write if he had the time to do it.  David Odell really did help by making this movie one of the most iconic movie of all time when it comes to Jim Henson and Frank Oz movie career as movie directors.

The critical acclaim and box office for this movie was very successful. The budget for the movie was about fifteen million dollars and the film made over 40 million dollars when it was released in the movie theaters on December 17, 1982.  This film has won a Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film of the Year and the movie earn the grand prize at the Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival that year. Also, the film was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation and was nominated for a BAFTA award for it's special effects. In France and Japan The Dark Crystal had the top box office gross of the year. Also, it grossed more than E.T.  the Extra Terrestial. This movie was the most successful forgein film in Japan until Titanic came into the movie theaters fourteen years later. The film became a cult following after the years that movie was on the theaters.  On Rotten Tomatoes the film is rated seventy- one percent fresh on the critics board on this film site.

If your mom is a huge Jim Henson fan I would see this unless your not a mature teen because the movie is more darker than the usual Muppet movies. The kids might be drawn into the story, while the parents can be talking about how movies are not the same as twenty years ago. Go watch this movie if you had not seen this breathtaking movie from begging to the end.