Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is the sequel of Mission Impossible better than the previous movie?

Mission Impossible 2
Rating: 30 percent
Total Minutes for film: 123 minutes
Film was released in May 21, 2000
Do you ever wonder if the movie series will improve after the first movie? In this franchise the sequel is  really confusing and even more cheesy than the original movie.

The plot is about is basically as confusing as the whole movie.  The reason why I was so confused about the plot is I have no idea who the villain is at all. Is the main villain a scientist, a doctor, or one of the other guys in the movie. If you want a plot that has no character development and mainly action scenes, this movie will be perfect for an average movie fan.

This is an example on how you  should not act in a movie.

The acting in this movie was very bland and shows barley any of drama. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is mainly happy and show no more emotions besides that feeling. Nyah Nordaff- Hall (Thandie Newton) is basically Ethan Hunt's lets rescue this girl just because she is extremely attractive and does barley anything in the movie. All she does in the movie is stealing people's items and kiss Tom Cruise without any feelings of pretending to date Tom Crusie at all. Also, Thandie Newton got nominated for the worst actress in 2000 by the Golden Raspberry Award.  Luther Stickell (Ving Rhymes) basically talks to people on a walkie- talkie when he should be panicking about Ethan Hunt's life as a Impossible Missions Force (IMF), which is very similar to a spy. If I did not convince a person to not see this movie I would feel really sorry for the person who wants to see this movie. If you are not sure if you want to see this movie ask a Mission Impossible fan who has seen the television series and all of the movies in the Mission Impossible franchise. 
This is an example on how good the action scenes were compared to the movie.

The only good part of this movie was the action scenes. The action scenes were really breathtaking and John Woo certainly knows how to make an movie very action packed for about mainly two hours.   

If you have nothing to do for an whole entire day I would suggest this movie or if you enjoy watching pointless movies just for the fun of it.

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