Monday, February 20, 2012

TCM's 31 Day of Academy Award marthon Review #1- The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Title: The Treasure of  the Sierra Madre
Year the Film was Made: January 6, 1948
Who Stars are in the Movie: Tim Holt, Humphrey Bogart, and Walter Huston
Who Directed the Movie: John Huston
Rating: 100 percent (Just Perfect!!!!)

Do you ever wonder what action and adventure movie you should see? Try seeing this movie if you want a different and unique action movie that has won three Academy Awards out of the four nominations. Well, the movie I want you to see is called The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The Treasure of Sierra Madre is based on a book written by B.Traven. The movie was mainly about two guys who were trying to find gold since there barley have any money from the current job.. Fred C. Dobbs (Humphrey Bogart) and Bob Curtin (Tim Holt) met an old man named Howard (Walter Huston) who wants to find gold with them anyways.

The acting in this movie was incredible. Tim Holt did an great job acting in the film that most people remember him acting in, since the rest of his movie that he was in were not that iconic expect Stagecoach. Walter Huston acting was excellent and he easily deserved the Best Supporting Actor reward in the twenty- first Academy Awards. The way that Walter Huston acted was just brilliant for the character that he was playing and he easily nailed the character of an old man who just wants to have adventure in finding gold again. Humphrey Bogart acting in this movie was even better than the rest of the main characters. The way that Humphrey Bogart played this greedy self-centered manipulative man was just pure brilliance. You can easily tell that all Fred C. Dobbs wanted  the gold to himself. If their was major mistake that 21st Academy Award did is not nominated Humphrey Bogart as Best Actor. Maybe Laurence Oliver can have difficult time winning that Academy Award for Best Actor for Hamlet, if Humphrey Bogart was nominated for Best Actor in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

The directing of John Huston inspired more filmmakers and movie fans that this movie is easily of one John Huston's masterpieces.  This film is a timeless classic that will never feel old and the movie fans will never get tired of seeing this movie over and over again.  Some of the most famous movie directors were inspired by this movie is different ways. Stanley Kubrick fourth favorite film of all time is the movie and it is easy to tell to why this movie is one of his favorite movies of all time. Paul Thomas Anderson saw this movie the night before and this film inspired him to create There Will Be Blood.

Without, this movie might not have the first father and son to win the Academy Award for the same movie. This movie easily changed the way we created action movies and western movies from the past.  This is easily one the best action and adventure I've ever seen in my whole entire life and no doubt a classic for anyone who has seen this movie.

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