Sunday, July 22, 2012

First Time Seeing an Christopher Nolan Movie in the Theaters: A Personal Story

Since the Dark Knight Rises is released in theaters I would love to share the first experience I had to see an Christopher Nolan film in the theaters. Here is the story on how I saw an Inception in the movie theaters.

At the time, I still remember the time I saw a TV ad about this movie on the TV screen. The first time I saw this ad I was very intrigued to see this movie and same with my identical twin brother . When   I saw the movie commerical  I asked our mom to go see the movie, but she wouldn't because mom is sometimes a wimp when it comes to movie that scare her to death.  Then, our Mom suggested my identical twin and I to see this movie with our Uncle R. I am just calling him Uncle R so I could not get in trouble for putting up information about my personal life. The more weeks that  I didn't see Inception the more excited I got when I about the movie.

About three weeks later, our Uncle  said that we can watch the movie with him and we both got into  red messy suburban. I didn't care about seeing all of the disgusting messes he has on his car at the time because I wanted to see this movie in the theaters for a while. We drove in his car to the movie theaters for about five minutes since this movie theater is really close to where I live. After the five minute drive, we grabbed all the concession goodies from the theaters. Then, we gave our tickets to the movie employee, but I did not known how this movie will impact my live what so ever.

When the movie was starting I was had no idea what I was getting into since I have not seen a noir film in my life before this movie. When the movie ended I knew that I will never forget seeing this movie in the movie theaters. This movie was shocking, thrilling, and the best part of the movie for me is figuring out what will happen while trying to think about it.  This movie was one the best movie I have ever saw in decade of 2010's so far and I started to enjoy having company Uncle R even more than I used to.  Also, this movie  is easily the best movie that my identical twin ever saw since he is a major sports fan and he rarely see an movie unless it is in a movie theater.  If I did not see Inception in the movie theaters I have no idea how this film will impact me as a film fan and all the memories I have for seeing this movie in the movie theaters with my loving family.

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