Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Spanish Main review

Rating of the movie: 7/10

 Who doesn't love a swashbuckler with tons of action and romance in one movie combined? If you wanted to see a film that no one barley remembers on the swashbuckler genre this film would be the one you want to see. The Spanish Man would be the one to see if you want to see a swashbuckler film.

 This plot is very simple. It is about an guy named Laurent Van Horn (Paul Henreid) who was in .Don Juan Alvado's (Walter Slezak) prison for saying something he should say to the king. Five years later, Laurent Van Horn was free from Don Juan Alvado and now is a captain of a pirate's ship that is trying to destroy. After that Laurent Van Horn falls in love with a lady named Contessa Francesca (Maureen O' Hara). Contessa Francesca was taken away from Laurent since she was supposed to marry Don Juan Alvado.

 The plot was very similar to most of the swashbuckler movies have in their story anyways. It was basically save the girl that a guy loves and a lot of action as well Also, I was very confused on why someone was called Barracuda until of the end of the movie. Barracuda is a nickname that all the pirates say instead of Laurent for most of the movie. I hope this help you out on not being confused like I was in the plot.

 The good news about this movie is acting was wonderful in the movie. Paul Henreid and Maureen O'Hara chemistry was amazing. The way they care about each other when they were alone were  really romantic. Let's talk about the supporting cast.   Binnie Barnes did an excellent job as playing Annie Barton. Annie Barton was the most important supporting characters  in the movie besides Don Juan Alvado. I wish I can explain why, but that would be a major spoiler in the movie. Also, every time Walter Slezak was in the movie he clearly stole the scene from all the actors in the movie.

 I had a great time watching The Spanish Main besides it major flaws in the movie. The movie was not like the movies Errol Flinn that made this genre famous, but it decent enough for someone to see on TCM. This film rarely airs on TCM so make sure to find the movie quickly as possible or get it on DVD.

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