Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Impressions: The Wolf Man

First Impressions is a new segment in this blog that created on the top of my head. First Impressions is when I talk about a movie before I even get to see it and research as much about the movie without any spoilers. The segment could range into any topic that is related to any movie, so you have no idea what I will talk about with this segment.

The First Impressions of Some of  Cast Members:

The cast in the movie are mostly iconic movie stars such as Lon Chanuey Jr, Claude Rains, and Bela Lugosi.  The cast of stars have to be right or the movie could fail, but with this cast this film will be very good movie for watch for the first time.

The First Impressions of Acting in the Movie:

Lon Chanuey Jr has the genres the acting like an scary horror creatures that transforms into a werewolf. His father the famous silent actor Lon Chanuey is known for acting in horror movies like A Hunchback in Norte Dame and The Phantom of the Opera. The acting of Lon Chanuey Jr. as a werewolf man will excellent to watch. The reason why I am excited to see him act for thethat Lou can act in a horror movie from the family genes he has.  Another person who I am curious about in the movie is Evelyn Ankers since she played the scared victims of most of the horror movies in 1940's. I hope that her nickname Queen of the Screamers live up to her nickname.  Also, I am confident that Bela Lugosi will steal some of the spotlight form some of his cast members in this movie.

Conclusions for The First Impressions of The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man sounds like an fun movie to start of the horror movie marathon month that  I started this weekend. I cannot wait to see the whole entire film.

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