Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Movie Links # Post 3

Monday Movie Links are back after a short absent. Everything you love in Monday Movie Links is back, but I have one little segment idea for Monday Movie Links. After I put the interesting movie links and opinions on the site I will list the movie I will see for this weekend.. I hope everyone enjoy the segment idea.

The Important Links:

 James Bond Gets Dedicated BSyB Channel
Who doesn't want to watch a film franchise with girls, action, and of course James Bond? If you're in U.K. you could see an channel called Sky Movies 007 coming on October 5, 2012. This channel gives you all twenty-two movies in unlimited commerical interruption. This is really great news for anyone who loves watching James Bond movies in U.K.

Marvin Hamlisch:1944-2012

Marvin Hamlish died when was 68 from brief illness in Los Angeles. He was known as an Oscar Winning Composer from films like The Sting,Sophie's Choice, and The Spy Who Loved Me. Also, he was the only eleven people who won a EGOT. A EGOT means that he won a Emmy, a Grammy, a Oscar, and a Tony. RIP Marvin.

Alfred Hitchock's The Birds and Other Classics Hitting Big Screen Again This Fall
Some classic movies may be hitting the big screen again in the fall. The movies that will be coming to the big screen again are The Birds, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and To Kill a Mockingbird. I really hope this will be a new trend in the cinemas in the future, but make sure to see if any of these movies are in your local movie theaters. Here are the movie dates for the premiere of these movies returning to the big screen.

 If you can't find the link try going to Film School Rejects to see if can find this by Cole Abaius on the August 7, 2012.  Also, there a search bar where you could type the title of the article and type the one on the top of the link screen. I hope that helps.

The Birds: September 19, 2012
Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein: October 24, 2012
To Kill a Mockingbird: November 15, 2012

Movies that I could see week if I can and movies I have previously did not complete from last week.

I love to get some of the previous film from last week done like The Seven Samurai which I haven't seen all of the movie yet. After that, I can focus on my horror movie marathon month for this August. If this doesn't happen soon I don't know if I can review the horror movies that I have seen.  I'll avoid this Frank Capra classic until I'm done with Seven Samuri and the horror movies form my monthly marathon related to horror. Seeing You Can't Take it With You sound more unlikely to see it this week, but it could be possible.

This is the end of the Monday Movie Links. I hope everyone enjoys Monday Movie Link and the new segment that will be used almost all the time for this day.

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