Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Movie Posters with Comments: Worst Movie Poster of 2012 films that I haven't seen

Movie Poster Comments is where I talk about the movie poster itself. All I do is get a picture of a movie poster, then I say my thoughts on the movie poster Today special edition is worst movie poster of 2012 so far. Have fun being trapped into the terrible world of awful movie posters

 LOL movie poster is awful. The boldest pink letter words stand for Miley Cryus and Demi Moore beside LOL. The movie tag line is really bad. Like I wonder if the movie produce had a better idea to promote this movie.

. Nurse 3D

This movie is terrible in many ways. Why the in the world is there a woman sand up with blood everywhere with a chef's hat? It doesn't make any sense. You be crazy if you wanted to see this movie just because it's has only one main star on the name.  I really don't get this movie poster at all.

gross movie poster


Black Forest: Hansel and Gretel & The 420 Witch

black forestYikes! This movie poster needs major help in many ways. The poster main star is brighter is Lara Flynn Boyle. It seems like is blurred it other stars names so barley any could read. It seems like the movie poster is ashamed in putting the other movie actors in for some reason. Also, why is she holding smoke for in hand. The worst part about the movie is movie tag line that says "Prepare for the high of your life". What the in the world is that supposed to mean? Are these movie promoters insane or something?  I personally hope they regret their decision to put a Twilight producer as the main star of the film and making her use some type of drugs for no good reason. This movie poster needs a major makeover before the film even premiers.

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