Tuesday, September 4, 2012

End of the Week: August 27, 2012 - September 2, 2012

End of Week is back with old classical movies most critic acclaim . Here are the main movies for this edition of the End of the Week.

Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai is one of the most influential movies of all time for a foreign film. It inspired a adapted version that Hollywood made called The Magnificent Seven.  The movie is a masterpiece of it's own. The scenery is the movie is absolutely breathtaking. Everything you see from the nature and to location is breathtaking for its own reasons. The person who nailed and stoled everything scence he can is Toshiro Mifune. Toshiro really helps on making the film on what is today. Without him, this movie could not show the portrayal on how war can affect the pheasants and the samurais as well.  The directing is brilliant from Akira Kurosawa. He knows how to make the movie seem really realistic, while you forget that this story is not a true story.  The Seven Samurai is Akira Kurosawa masterpiece and Toshiro Mifune really makes the movie an timeless classic.  Many future generations will never forget the experience from watching the movie for their first time.

The Birds

Usually when you add birds as the main focus of the movie, the results of birds being scary can be frustrating for any horror fan, unless you're Alfred Hitchock. Alfred Hitchock knows to wait for the perfect time to introduce the scary birds. The moment you see the birds attacking people you know your in for a good time. Watching birds attack people from "The Mater of Suspense" is worth watching alone or with a buddy who loves horror movies.

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