Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Most Anticipated Movies of 2013 for me

2013 has started already. There always something that people anticipate for and cannot wait until the certain things start like music, books, and TV shows. Movies are the same way and these movies to me are the most anticipated movies of 2013. I hope you enjoyed this post.

The Great Gazby

There many reasons why I love to see this movie. Leonardio DiCaprio is one of those actors who knows how to play any character he puts his mind into. He done everything to romance, thriller, noir, and many other genres. The second reason I would love to see this is because I had not seen a Baz Luhrmann movie in my life. That's mainly why this movie is in my Most Anticipated Movies for myself this year.

Side Effects

Side Effects is one of those movies that is so complex and mysterious in it's own ways that I really want to learn what happens in this story. I really wish that I can Steven Soderbergh movie, but I at least I can see this movie when I get older. Also, I feel sad that this director is going to retire soon.

Star Trek: Into the Darkness
This reboot for the Star Trek movie franchise was one of the best ones seen in a while. I have really high expectations for this movie since J.J. Abrams is directing it and I wonder if it will top his first film in this franchise.

Pacific Rim

This is one of my most anticipated film for me because Guillmero de Toro is producing it and I hope that is better than the Transformer series. Also, the plot seems intresting to me.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top Five New Year Resolutions to improve this blog for 2013

I want to say Happy New Year to everybody before I start my New Year Resolutions to improve this blog. Let's just say these are goals will help me improve as a better blog writer and be more active in the movie blogging community.

1. Be more Active

Examples for anyone: Following people blogs and making your own blogging post daily.

2. Having fun while blogging

Examples: Participating in blogathons and trying to have topics that not involve your certain main topic on your blog

3. Read other posts from other bloggers and comment on them if you have something to say.

4. Be yourself while blogging about movies or anything in general

5. Trying to spread the word about your blog if you can Examples: Facebook, Twitter, or any social media sites you want to promote it to.