Monday, March 18, 2013

Oz: The Great and Powerful Movie Review

Rating: 50/100

When Disney decided to make another Oz film I really not convinced about this idea. First of all, I love the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz. Also, it is very tricky to make a Oz movie without comparing it to the original Oz movie. Oz: The Great and Powerful miss most of marks that made the original a classic.

The summary is about a magician named Oz (James Franco) who is currently struggling in the business and constantly dreams of bigger and better things to come in the future in a rural area of Kansas. Oz is stuck on a tornado after trying to escape people on a hot air baloon and now is transported to the land of Oz. After Oz meets Theodra (Mila Kunis), he learns from another witch named Evanora (Rachel Weisz) that he has the destroy the Wicked Witch before getting his kingdom.

The screenwriters of this movie were awful. Almost every single time you meet a new character they say something like your the wizard we have been waiting for. That's some of the awful things that the actors were forced to say. The most realistic dialogue in movie go Glinda as Michelle Williams, which is a lot of proof that screenwriting was worst as it gets in a film.

The acting in this movie is not that good since the script really didn't help their actors with their complex characters in this film. James Franco was okay choice for the role of Oz, but someone like Robert Downey Jr could of nailed the role. Mila Kunis knows act as complex characters like in Black Swan, but the script didn't giver her the freedom to portray this action at all. I known I'm sound like a broken record that repeat certain parts of a song, but Rachel Weisz barley does anything in this film.

As in any movie there are some positive parts of the movie. First of all, Michelle Williams made her character Glinda somewhat believable. Finally, the last positive thing I have are the special effects. The characters make you really happy to come to the film and the flying monkeys were really cool to look at.

I had high expectations on this film,but the movie had two successful components, The visual effects look very cool in the trailers, but it didn't impact the film at all. If I was by this by myself I probably would walked out of the film in the first thirty minutes of the film. Here some great advice for everyone. Watch the 1939 The Wizard of Oz if want a great fantasy film and don't watch this mediocre film if you have the chance.