Saturday, August 31, 2013

Movies Iv'e seen for August 2013

Here are the films that I saw for August 2013. I hope you enjoy this list.

Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy is a wonderful film that deals with  friendship that lasts for around twenty five years with a elderly woman and her chauffeur driver named Hoke (Morgan Freeman).  The film has great dialogue that is realistic in this time period of the film. Having Alfred Uhry be the person who writes the lines for the movie was a great move since he was the original writer of the play that movie was based on.  The chemistry from Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman is fascinating to watch as they becomes best friend for life. Both of them made their character believable for the audience to root for.  This movie is a splendid choice if you want to see people have long lasting years with each other.
 Rating 7 out of 10 stars

Great Expectations (1946 film)

Great Expectations is one of those novels that film studios love making different adaptions to the story all the time, but this version is the best one of the bunch. It got the some similarities as the novel and the movie was thrilling just like the book. I can't image anyone making this film than David Lean and I enjoy the film. It worth time if you want to see the best Great Expectation movie adaption of this book.
9 out of 10 stars

Now, Voyager
Now, Voyager is a great example of films that Hollywood does not make anymore these days.  The story is plot driven and isn't all about the romance like typical romance movies you see these days at Hollywood. The movie makes you care about the characters by getting to know them instead of rushing into the romance very quickly. The film is brilliant in its own way and it is a great example of a good romance classic film
9 out of 10 stars

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Favorite Directors Blogathan: Alfred Hitchock- August 2013

                                  1. Vertigo

Vertigo is the ultimate masterpiece from most fans and critics  except Psycho, Northwest by North, and Notorious which was mentioned in this list.  The film is so complex, that it needs multiple viewings to appreciate the film than the first time you see it. If you haven't seen Vertigo, go see it! It worth all of your time if you want to master of suspense at it's best.

2. Notorious

I can see why Truffaut and Ebert think Notorious is a ultimate masterpiece, but to me it is one of Hitchcock's masterpieces that I've seen besides the number one of Hitchcock's masterpieces that have on this list. The camerawork is stunning in this film. The acting from Claude Rains, Ingrid Bergman, and Cary Grant are spot on. This movie is worthy of being called a masterpiece from critics and film buff alike.

3. The Birds
This movie is more than some special effects that involve getting attacked by birds. The Birds is about how man and nature have not adapted to each other, while both species are struggling to survive. One thing that horror makers today  should watch in this film is how you get the chance to known the characters before you frighten people. The Birds is one the best films I've seen that involve man vs. nature. 

4.Strangers on a Train
This movie has a special place in my heart because it was the first Hitchcock film I saw. The merry go round and the tennis court scene were great climaxes to the movie and this is a gear movie to start watching your first Hitchcock movie for your lifetime.

5. Dial M for Murder
Dial M for Murder is a great mystery film by itself and the characters in this film were really entertain. You get to wonder how the main character is going to get with away with murder or not. The film pretty good, but it was better than the previous two other films that I saw related to Hitchcock filmography.


Monday, August 12, 2013

The Favorite Directors Blogathan

Here are the directors that I will be doing for this blogathan. This has to have twelve favorite directors of yours in a list that says what are your favorite movies of
that director's certain filmography. This blogathan was originally started  Lauren Rosen III from The Busybody and I am excited to start this blogathan.  

Sergio Leone (August 2014)
Tim Burton  (September 2014)
 Charlie Chaplin (October 2014)
Akira Kurosawa( November 2014)
Stanley Kubrick (December 2014)
Richard Linkletter January 2015)
TBA February 2015)

Blogging Spotlight #1- Cinematic Paradox

The blogging spotlight is when I tell you about a certain  movie blog that I enjoy reading and I will tell you what I think are the best parts of this person movie blog. The first blog that I will put on Blogging Spotlight is  Cinematic Paradox. Here are the reason why this blog is in the first edition of Blogging Spotlight. Also, I hope you enjoy this segment on my blog.