Monday, August 12, 2013

Blogging Spotlight #1- Cinematic Paradox

The blogging spotlight is when I tell you about a certain  movie blog that I enjoy reading and I will tell you what I think are the best parts of this person movie blog. The first blog that I will put on Blogging Spotlight is  Cinematic Paradox. Here are the reason why this blog is in the first edition of Blogging Spotlight. Also, I hope you enjoy this segment on my blog.

1. Stevee's List are really helpful.You can learn more about a actor, actresses, or directors best performances in a certain film. Also, her best of the years lists are useful if you are looking for the best movie or the best performances of a certain year.

2.Her review rating systems 

Stevee has a really good rating system that is unique. She doesn't put in ranking like five out of five stars  or how much she enjoyed the film a certain percentage out of a hundred. She puts in fun picture that has words and  explains the rating in her Rating System bar. The Review System pink column is on the top of the blog if you are using a computer. Also, you can use a iPhone to do that, but you have to go the bottom of the website and click view website before you click on the pink column on the top of the blog.

3. Her passion in her blog and movies as well

Stevee's shows passion on this blog because she used to be extremely active before Stevee got busy in her own life and she comments whenever someone had a comment on her blog. Steeve shows passion in film by making a speech about films at a her school in New Zealand and by blogging her thoughts here at Blogspot.

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