Sunday, September 8, 2013

Things Out of the Cinema: September 6 2013

Riddick (Vin Diesel) is back on the film role that made him a household action movie star.  Will this movie be better than the Chronicles of Riddick? I think this movie has a good chance of being better movie than the last one. If you want to see a decent action flick you should see this movie before it out of the theaters.

I really can't think of other movies for that week that make some type of impression to the point where I can write my thoughts on the movie before seeing it. Thank for reading this edition of Things in Cinema.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blogging Spotlight # 2 - Rupert Pumpkin Speaks

 Rupert Pumpkin Speaks will be added as the second blog on the Blogging Spotlight edition of this blog. Here are the reasons why this blog deserve to be there.

1. Favorite Underrated Drama lists, Favorite Underrated Comedies Lists, and other lists of his.

I love reading about those lists because you get to learn more about movies  that are not well known to movie buffs from Rupert Pumpkin and his friends. 

2. I learn new facts about movies whenever I go to his blog

When I first came to his blog I didn't known there was a thing called  Warner Bros Archive. That is basically a DVD collection of films that are not that well known in the Warner Brothers movie selection . Another thing, I always learn from his blog is about  films that I've never heard of before and I find that very fascinating about his blog. 

Those are the reasons why you should go check out Rupert Pumpkin Speaks, the blog.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Blogging Update # 1 - September 2, 2013- September 8, 2013

Blogging Update is a way for the readers to expect what is coming to the blog this week and don't expect this schedule  to always be accurate. Also, this schedule is just a way for me to be more active on this blog.

On Tuesday, I will publish the second Blogging Spotlight on blogs that I find worthy of this title on my blog. The blog that will get this honor is Rupert Pumpkin Speaks.

On Wednesday, I will type a review on Paths of Glory for my first edition of Criterion Collection Spotlight. The Criterion Collection Spotlight is about writing reviews on films that are on the Criterion Collection. 

On Thursday,  I will do a Things Coming Out in the Cinema segment again. If you need a refresher here are first three editions for you.
Link # 1

Link # 2

Link # 3

 On Friday and Saturday I will doing another segment called Weekly Ketchup thoughts from Rotten Tomatoes. The first one on Friday is the opinion of what I think on the fresh side of the column. The second one on Saturday involves the rotten section of the column. 

Those are the Blogging Update for this week and I hope that you enjoy this preview of what's happening in this blog.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Favorite Directors Blogathan: David Lean- September 2013

David Lean has done a variety of films and he made a impact in all of the films he has directed. Also, he made an impact for me because he made me think about films in a different way. That is why David Lean is in my favorite director's blogathan.

1. Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia is my favorite David Lean film that I've seen so far. The acting was super. I couldn't picture anyone else playing T.E. Lawrence in this movie. Everything about this movie is perfect and that's why this film is my favorite David Lean film.

2. Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter is one of those movies that is worthy of being in the ranks of classical romances films like Gone with the Wind and Casablanca. The romance between Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson) and Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard) is heartwarming and tender, even thought they were having a affair with each other. Also, you feel sorry for both of those characters since they both are married, middle class people, and are respected by the peers. That's why this film is considered one of the best love of story of all time and twist makes this movie much more special than your typical romance story.

3. Great Expectations (1946 film)

Great Expectations is one of those novels that most people are probably to read during English class in their freshman year. The expectations of the movie are pretty high since most former ninth graders could be watching any adaption of the novel. The film that most teachers should choose for when there done reading this film is David Lean 1946 version of Great Expectations.  The movie has the same amount of romance, friendship, and details to keep the audience satisfied. Also, this film scatters a lot during the film, so you better read the book before you put this movie on. This film meets the expectations of what former and current high school students when it comes to making a film adaption of this book.