Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blogging Spotlight # 2 - Rupert Pumpkin Speaks

 Rupert Pumpkin Speaks will be added as the second blog on the Blogging Spotlight edition of this blog. Here are the reasons why this blog deserve to be there.

1. Favorite Underrated Drama lists, Favorite Underrated Comedies Lists, and other lists of his.

I love reading about those lists because you get to learn more about movies  that are not well known to movie buffs from Rupert Pumpkin and his friends. 

2. I learn new facts about movies whenever I go to his blog

When I first came to his blog I didn't known there was a thing called  Warner Bros Archive. That is basically a DVD collection of films that are not that well known in the Warner Brothers movie selection . Another thing, I always learn from his blog is about  films that I've never heard of before and I find that very fascinating about his blog. 

Those are the reasons why you should go check out Rupert Pumpkin Speaks, the blog.

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