Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Favorite Directors Blogathan: David Lean- September 2013

David Lean has done a variety of films and he made a impact in all of the films he has directed. Also, he made an impact for me because he made me think about films in a different way. That is why David Lean is in my favorite director's blogathan.

1. Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia is my favorite David Lean film that I've seen so far. The acting was super. I couldn't picture anyone else playing T.E. Lawrence in this movie. Everything about this movie is perfect and that's why this film is my favorite David Lean film.

2. Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter is one of those movies that is worthy of being in the ranks of classical romances films like Gone with the Wind and Casablanca. The romance between Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson) and Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard) is heartwarming and tender, even thought they were having a affair with each other. Also, you feel sorry for both of those characters since they both are married, middle class people, and are respected by the peers. That's why this film is considered one of the best love of story of all time and twist makes this movie much more special than your typical romance story.

3. Great Expectations (1946 film)

Great Expectations is one of those novels that most people are probably to read during English class in their freshman year. The expectations of the movie are pretty high since most former ninth graders could be watching any adaption of the novel. The film that most teachers should choose for when there done reading this film is David Lean 1946 version of Great Expectations.  The movie has the same amount of romance, friendship, and details to keep the audience satisfied. Also, this film scatters a lot during the film, so you better read the book before you put this movie on. This film meets the expectations of what former and current high school students when it comes to making a film adaption of this book.

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