Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blogging Spotlight # 3- Surrender to the Void

For the third edition of this Blogging Spotlight I have chosen  Surrendor to the Void. This blog deserves it and here are the reasons why. If you need a refresher on the previous Blogging Spotlight please click link 1 for a refresher. If you want to check the other version you can go to the Blogging Spotlight tab you will see at the bottom of link 1.

1. The Auteurs sections about the movie directors from the present and the past are truly amazing. They give you information on what the plot about, why did the director do this film, the stages of making a certain film in a director's filmography, how sucessful it was at the box office, the acting from the movie, and what the critics and audience thought about the movie. If I didn't convince you on the first reason why you should go to this blog, you are missing out one of the best blogs about film.

2. Her reviews are just as wonderful as her Auteurs series. They give the same amout of detail about the film and you feel super smart after reading the movie review. One of the best things about the reviews is in the bottom of the page. You will see a orange colored words on the movies she has seen related to the director and you click on it to read another review of a different film.

3. The author proves it to you that she is a huge movie buff. The person has a Criterion account and a Letterboxd account. That the third and final reason why this blog is in the Blogging Spotligjt section 

Thank for reading this lengthy and passionate report in a blog that deserve all of the acclaim it gets.

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