Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Favorite Directors: Steven Spielberg- October 2013

Steven Spielberg is one of those directors that have many countless classic that memorable from many genres in the films. Every single time I see a Steven Spielberg film I known that I will enjoy the movie even it is sad or just a plain fun movie. That's why is he one of my favorites and here is a list of the films I have seen of his filmography.

1. Indiana Jones Franchise
The Indiana Jones Franchise is super iconic for many reasons. The action sequences are timelss and they are extremely memorable. Indiana Jones and all the other important characters make this series one of a kind treasure that I will cherish forever. Those are the reasons why this is number one on the list.

2.  Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is the one of the most iconic summer blockbuster of all time. It was something different back in the day because the GCI made the dinosaur made it so relistic and scary at the same time. Another thing that makes it different because it's a thrilling joyride of a movie that you always see and never get tired of it. That's why this movie is rated Number 2 in this list.

3.  E. T. the Extra Terrestrial
E.T is one of the best family film out there. You get memorable quotes, timelss movie scence, and a creature that will make any heart melt unless you hate E.T.  One thing I wish they would do again in Hollywood is creature orginal ideas that are family friendly and can past the time after a decade. 

4. Jurassic Park: The Lost World

This sequel isn't as impactful as the first one, but it's still as fun movie to see. You awesome action sequences all around and thrilling scenes too. If you want to have a fun movie that doesn't take itself seriously you would watch this movie and that's why it is number four on this list.

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