Friday, June 27, 2014

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Top Ten

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of those unique show that will never forget once your hooked on the series. There so many unique characters and demons that makes this series a one kind. Here is the Top Ten Best Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in my opinion.

1. Hush (Season 4)

This episode is one of the most memorable episodes in many ways. The Gentlemen create this eerie spooky vibe with it comes to episode that I love and people voices are stolen so they won't scream. The Gentlemen made a last impact in this show and made this episode number one on the list.

2. Once More with Feeling (Season 6)

I am not a huge fan of musicals at all, but this episode worked in so many ways. I love that the characters don't even noticed that singing until they stop singing. One of my favorite villains named Sweet is in the episode. This is why this episode is my second favorite episode of the whole series.

3. Surprise/ Innocence (Season 2)

These two  episodes from Season 2 is my favorite of the part one and part two episodes from Season 2 and the whole series as well for many reasons.  First, I love how suspenseful and action packed both of the episodes were in general.  Also, I love the fact that Buffy and Angel love life when into high climax since Angel is not the person she used to date after having a private moment with each other. This why this episode is ranked number three on the list.

4. Restless (Season 4)

As you can tell from this list, I love the ending finales on a good amount of Buffy the Vampire Slayer finales, but here is the reasons why Restless is number four on this list. One of the things that I love about the episodes is that the four main characters of the Scooby Gang were having various dreams that our different from each other, which makes the episode really interesting to me since we learn how dark their dream can be. Another thing that I love about Restless is that it is different from most season finales of this series, which is great for me because I love unique stories like that.

5. Graduation Day Part 1 and 2 (Season 3)

 A Sunnydale High School graduation is not your average high school graduation at all. You get the Mayor as a huge snake, while Buffy is trying to save the world from the Mayor. Also, you get to see Angel as the last time for a series regular. What a better way to say goodbye to Angel as series regular by putting this in the top five.

6. The Gift (Season 5)

The Gift is one of the best finales that the show has when it aired and I will explain why I think that way. The episode made of me shocked when we learn about Buffy dying,  but it makes total sense since Buffy is willing to do whatever it takes to save Sunnydale and everyone she cares about like Dawn. Also, I love how vulnerable the other characters were they saw Buffy jump into the vortex to save the world. That is why The Gift is in this episode.

7. The Body (Season 5)

The Body proves that losing a loved one is painful. The acting in this episode is amazing. You get the see how vulnerable these characters can get, especially when they lose someone that everyone cares for. That's what makes this episode one of the best episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

8. The Wish (Season 3)

This episode of Buffy proves that the saying be careful on what you wish for can be very haunting experience.  Also, you get an introduction to Evil Willow who's one of my favorite big bad villains of the whole series.

9. Passion (Season 2)

This episode was really shocking, as well as suspenseful for many reasons. The reason why I found this episode shocking is that I did not except Angel to kill one of the most memorable characters that I have appeared for only one season. Also, this episode was heartbreaking because everyone cared about the character who got killed and it affected everyone, especially Giles.  This is why this episode is ranked number 9 in the series.

10. Chosen (Season 7)

Chosen is the last episode of the series and the finale was a perfect end to this wonderful series. There so much action and heartbreak in this episode. You are happy that Buffy succeeded in goal, even thought some of my favorite characters died. I couldn't ask for a better finale for this series than this one.