Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Favorite Directors Blogathan: Christopher Nolan- June 2014

I know that I should of posted this a long time ago, but I will changed the date with this list by making the list on their directors every month from now until the month of February 2015 . Now, I will explain why he is one of my favorite directors for this blogathan. Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors that are making films because he makes that are modern, but they make you feel like you are part of the movie itself. That's why he is my favorite director's blogathan list.

1. The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight is best film in the trilogy for many reasons. The acting from Heath Ledger was awesome and he was the perfect Joker. No one can too that performance as Joker. The action is awesome and this movie will be a classic in the future. No doubt about that.

2. Inception

Inception is one of the best movie theaters experiences that I had for the seventeen years that I have lived in this world and I have some reasons to back it up. The science fiction aspect of it was so original to me and I was blown away on the world building that  Christopher Nolan has done. Also, the plot was so complex and mindboggling to the point where a re-watch is perfect for this. After writing some reasons why I love this film, I feel like I need to re-watch this sometime soon.

3, The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is my second favorite film of the trilogy because you are used to the plots that Christopher Nolan puts in those movies and I love that this references previous Batman movies of his. Some of the examples that I noticed is that I saw previous villains in the movies and the fact that the pearl that Catwomen has stole was a referenced to the first film. Those were some of the fun gems that I have enjoyed and I love learning about this history of Bane too. Those were the reasons why this film is my second favorite film in the trilogy besides The Dark Knight.

4. Batman Begins

Batman Begins is easily my least favorite film of the trilogy just because of it's the main introduction to Batman as a superhero, but it is still a good movie. The things that I did enjoy about this film is the background to Bruce Wayne's  personal life before he became Batman and the action was pretty entertaining for a superhero movie.

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