Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Movies I've Seen: July 2014 Part 2

If you haven't check my first post on what I seen in July you can click here, but right now I am going to focus on the six films that I haven't mentioned that I saw yet, which includes one re-watch and five movies that I have discovered this month. I hope you guys enjoy the post and please comment if you want to talk about any of the films that I saw that was mentioned in this post.

The first film that I will mention is Gates of Heaven, which is a documentary about a pet cemetery. I know that is a very short sentence about the plot in general, but the stories and the themes that involves the pet cemetery are really interesting. Another thing that I love about this documentary is that I can relate to it, so it makes the experience of watching this movie even more memorable to me. If you want to hear more of my thoughts on this movie please click here.

The second film I will talk is about is How to Train Your Dragon and I was very nice to re-watch something I haven't seen since two or three years ago, but I still enjoyed it that much as the first time I saw it. The things that I love about the movie is how the relationship between many characters in the film change as Toothless became very loyal to the people he loves and I love the fact that this makes me smile a lot.

The third film I will talk about is An American in Paris and I am not a huge fan of musicals, but I enjoyed this movie for many reasons . First, I love the choreography that is presented in this film. Second, the cinematography is really gorgeous and I love seeing the background of Paris. Third, the acting is charming. Finally, I saw a Gene Kelly tap dancing, which is really fun to watch.

The fourth film that I will talk about is Sunset Boulevard and I am very glad that  I watch this film noir classic for many reasons. First, the narration is really good and it makes me hooked to the screen. Second, the main characters in this story are vivid with detail and you can see how movies affect their own life. Third, I love the fact that Billy Wilder is making a film that is all about the film business, because I do not know that much about the film business at all. Finally, I am so glad that I had saw another Billy Wilder film because this motivates me to see more of his films.

The fifth film that I will be talking about is Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World which is an pirate film that I haven't seen before, but I had a great time watching it with some of my family members for many reasons. First, the film was plain fun to watch and I never got bored during the whole movie. Second, the scenery of the film was quite gorgeous to look at. Finally, the film was pretty scary for a pirate movie, which I found very impressive about this movie

The last film I will talk about is The Lego Movie and I will list the reasons why I like it. First, I love how witty the humor is for a family film. Second, I love that the ending surprised me a lot. Third, the idea of Lego saving the world was fun because the right directors were chosen in the film. Finally, the main theme song in The Lego Movie is awesome and there no pun intended


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