Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Movies I've seen: July 2014 Part one

For this section, I am going to split it up into two parts because reading twelve movies when it comes to seeing film is a little bit to much, for this month and it is always fun to talk about other movies that I haven't seen in a while or movies that I have discovered this month. Also, I hope you enjoy this post a lot and comment on it if you want to.

 The first film that I will talk about is Hotel Transylvania. I though that it had a good amount of potential to be a great movie, but I felt very disappointed in general except for  the fact that classic Universal Monsters from the past are back, which is one of the reasons I decided to watch the film  and the fact Adam Sandler actually did not annoy me in a film.  For those whose are curious to find out why I was disappointed with the movie in general, please check out my review here.

The second film that I will talk about in this two part discussion on films that I have watched is Happy Together directed  by Wong Kar- Wai and I had a great time watching it. First, I love the fact that the title has meaning to it, but I will not explain the plot because it will ruin the magical experiences you have when figure out the meaning to the title of the film. Second, I love films about character studies in general and I like that I can have a personal connection to both of the characters since I am in their world for an hour and thirty minutes. Finally, I have wanted to see my first Wong Kar- Wai after hearing many podcasts, movie bloggers, and cinema geeks mentioning him a lot and I am glad I have follow their advice on this film. If you want to read more of thoughts in this review, please check out my review here.

The third film that I will talk about is Paul Verhoeven's Robocop and I am so glad that I got it out of my 80's shame list when it comes to iconic action movies. First of all, I love the fact that things in this movie got very gory and I like a fact that the violence has meaning behind it. Second, the dialogue is just awesome.  Finally, the thing that stood out the me the most when it comes to this film is how good Kurtwood Smith as playing Clarence and I hope that Hollywood gives him some more villain roles because he is really good at it. If you want to read my review on this film please click here.

The fourth film that I will talk about is Tim Burton's Corpse Bride and I found the film to be decent, but don't expect it be super magical and whimsical as most Tim Burton films were in the 90's.  The reason why I find this film is decent is that it had nice stop motion techniques that reminded me a little bit of A Nightmare Before Christmas, but I do appreciate the fact that they used it in this film instead of the regular GCI I see a lot in most animation movies these days. The last reason why I thought this film was decent is because the songs and acting were fun, even thought the plot was very bland to me. If you have nothing else to watch on the television, this is a good film to use if you have some time to spare.

The fifth film I saw was The Aristocats and it was nice to catch up on a Disney classic that I haven't seen. The thing that I loved about this film is that embraces itself, so you can have a fun time watching the film in general. If you love classic Disney movies or if you been wanting to see this film really badly, this is a good idea if you want to spend your time on this film.

The last film that I will talk about for this post is Brain De Palma's Sisters and I do enjoy it, even thought it is easily a Hitchcok rip-off, but I have my reasons on why I enjoy this. First, I love how passionate DePalma's is when it comes to Hitchcock, which is an director I respect a lot and I even did a post about him on this blog, which you can find here. Second, I love how suspenseful the film is in general and how crazy it gets throughout the film. Finally, I love the fact that De Palma uses a subject that I am not familiar with and make it part of the plot in this movie. Also, if you want to check out my review for this film, you click here.

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