Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Favorite Film Podcasts Part 2: The Top 3 Podcasts that I discovered a few week ago

This my second part of the podcast and I hope that you enjoy, since I have put in some hard work into this and if I do have anything that is incorrect about any of those podcasts, please correct me by commenting in the comment section of this post.

1. Reel Fanatics

Who hosts the show: Michael Neelson, Jared Gores, and Joe Pudas

What is it about?: The show is mainly about three guys who talked about anything related to cinema.

Why do I like it?: First, I love their opinions about films in general. Second, I really enjoy their top five lists because they are very different than your normal top five lists. Third, the chemistry between the hosts are really good and they always have a blast. Finally, I love the reviews that they provide on certain movies because they all give different perceptive on the film that they are reviewing for that episode. 

2. Film Jive

Who hosts the show throughout its run: Andy Swope, Zach Betonte, Courtney Young, and Nick Wheatley depending on the episode you download on the Podcasts.

What is it about?: The show is mainly about film fans who review recent hits and classics of films for the most part. Also, they sometimes have bonus episodes that they put on the podcast.

Why do I like it?: First, I love how knowledge about film when it comes to the director's previous film and the background they have when it comes to directors and films. Second, I love their opinions on what they think about the film and they always find the positives on films that they don't like that much. Finally, I love the fact that their guests are knowledgeable  about films like them and they always add a layer of depth to the episode when they appear.

3. Sound on Sight

Who hosts the show:  I think it really depends on the episodes, so you really don't know who hosts the whole entire run that well in my opinion.

What is it about: It is mainly about films and they talk about various topics in films, like the Oscars, the directors and movie films on two different separate films.

Why do I like it: First, I love listening to the opinions of their podcast and they are very passionate when it comes to films. Second, I love how varied their film topics are, which makes the selection of choosing episodes that I want to watch a little bit easier. Finally, I enjoy the different perceptive that they have in film.

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