Friday, July 11, 2014

My Favorite Movie Podcasts Part 1: The Top 3 Podcasts that I am the Most Famillar with

This summer, I have discovered the wonderful world of film podcasts on the iTunes Podcast app that Apple has created and I am going to do a two part countdown based on two different categories today and tomorrow. The categories of top countdown to the movie podcasts are the ones I am most familiar with and the ones I discovered this week. The countdown that I am doing today is the top 3 Podcasts that I am Familiar with and I will give you some background info besides the reasons why I like these podcasts a lot and if any information I provide is wrong, please comment me on it, so I can correct it.

1. Across the Universe: The Chicks with Accents Podcast

This photo belongs and I need to credit it to her and the wonderful chicks that hosts this with her.

Who hosts the show?: Nikhat from Being Norma Jean, Sophia from Film Flare, and Mette from Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions.

What is it about?: It is mainly about this wonderful chicks to discuss movies and they have a specific theme they put in on all of their episodes, which are the main discussion for the particular episode. Sometimes, this show has guests that come and appear in their show to discuss about films as well.

What I like about it: First, I enjoy a segment there called  Fortnight which is when all of the chicks discuss one of the films they saw two weeks ago because I always learn something about the films and I love it when they give me different point of view of the movie that one of the chicks talk about in the Fortnight. Another thing that I like about it, is that this podcast is all hosted by females, which is really refreshing to me since all of the podcast that listen to have males as the hosts and I hope their is more diversity when it comes to female podcasting hosts as years of movie podcasting go on. Third, I enjoy the humor they have in the show because there is a good chance where I could laugh at something the chicks say. Finally, I really do appreciate the plugs segment they have during the end of the show, because they always sound interesting to hear about.

2. Director's Club Podcast

Who hosts the show?: Patrick Ripoll and Jim Laczkowski

What is it about?: The episodes are mainly about the one particular director that they are talking about for this episodes and they usually have guests that are really passionate about the directors they are talking about for the certain episode.

What I like about it: First, this is my go to source when it comes to learning about all types of movie directors in general and I always learn something new about directors when I listen to this show. Second, I love listening to Patrick and Jim disagreements when it comes to film because they do it in a way where they still respect each other opinion on film, even if they have a completely different point of view on a certain director or certain movie in general.  Third, I love the songs they do when it comes to different directors and what they watch since the last episode because they are always creative and fun for film lovers like me. Finally, I love their passion that they show about films and you can tell from the voices that they love doing this podcast as much as I enjoy listening to it.

3. The Matinee Cast

Who host the show?:  Ryan O'Neil

What is it about?: The podcast is mainly about Ryan having one particular guest that talk two various movies with him besides the newest release in the theaters.

What I like about it:  First, I love the guests that he provides for his show because they are fun, but knowledgeable about films. Second, I love the Know Your Enemy segment because you get to learn about the guests who are on his show, which I find really awesome Finally, I enjoy the other side part of his shows because it shows films that sometimes related to the new film that was released in theaters during that episode.

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