Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Top Three Reasons why I am so excited that MoFo's 70's list Countdown

Since, I have participated in the MoFo's 80's list Countdown around five months ago, I though it would fun to list the reasons why I am so excited for this countdown to begin soon.  Also, I want to clarify that MoFo is a nickname that people used on the website when it is really called Movie Forums.

1. The personalities of the usernames of this website makes film countdown like this one are always fun and they have a lot of fun random things that go on besides talking about film and I will mention a well known username on that website that does that a lot. One of the most known user that has the biggest personalities when it comes to his opinion on films and other non- related thing film thoughts is Sexy Celebrity. The reason why I say that to those who are unfamiliar with the site is because he is really unpredictable  and you never know what he is going to post on these wonderful countdowns unless he is posting a gong video that appears on Youtube or his impatience when it comes to the list, but do I enjoy having him on the website.

2. The users in this website have tons of knowledge when it comes to these wonderful countdowns in the list and I have always learned something new about a film from these countdown when it comes to a person's favorite film from this website , their opinions when it comes to a specific film, directors they love, or favorite movie scenes from the particular movie that was listed for that day's countdown. Also, without the user to give very interesting information about any thing related to  films, this website would be very off topic when it comes to this countdown for sure once it starts.

3. I love making lists for films and reading lists at this website for many reasons. First, it gives me a helpful guide on films that I should see someday like The Godfather and Annie Hall. Second, all of the movies that are in this countdown will be in a list once it is over and  I can come back to it when I want to see all of the 1970's films that I didn't see yet. Finally, it feels really good to see some of the films you put on the list to be in the countdown.

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