Sunday, August 31, 2014

Movies I've seen: August 2014 edition

Since August is coming to a end, I thought you guys  would want to learn films I have been watching for this month and there were various film that I have watched this month. Some of the film that were included involve a guilty pleasure movie, a documentary, and a romance trilogy that melt and break your heart,. Now, I will mention the eleven films that I saw for this month.

The first film I saw in August was  A Matter of Life and Death is pretty amazing to watch in general and if you want to read my thoughts on this film please click here

The second film I watched was the sequel to the iconic 80's action movie, which is called Conan the Destroyer, but it wasn't that good. The reason why I say that is the plot is way to serious for a dumb action movie and the violence is barley there at all. Next time, I will easily watch the Conan the Barbarian  instead of this horrible sequel.

The third film I will mention that I have watch  is Sharknado this week and if you want to read the whole review on this excellent guilty pleasure film, please click here

The fourth film I have watched is Rescue Dawn directed by Werner Herzog and I find it okay for my first film of his and I have reasons for that. The beginning was pretty slow, but once you get closer to the hour mark, the film gets really interesting. Another reason why I found this film okay is that Christian Bale did a excellent job as the main character in the story. If you have nothing else to watch when it comes to war films, this is a decent choice in my opinion.

The fifth film I have watched is Before Sunrise and if you want to read my thoughts on this film please click here  

The sixth film that I have watched is Before Sunset and you can click here if you here if you want to read the review.

The seventh film I have watched is Before Midnight and I was pretty sad when I was done with this trilogy because I have invested three days of learning more about the characters. Also, during September, please be on the lookout for my review for this film.

The eight film I have watched is the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast and I enjoyed it a lot. The reason why I enjoyed this because I love how creative the Disney was when it comes to recreating the iconic fairy tale and I love the music parts of this film. If you haven't seen this film, I would recommend you to see this Disney classic easily.

The ninth film I have watched is Aliens and I love the film a lot. First of all, I can see why people love Ridley Scott and I love how she tells it like it is, while being very passionate about the things she cares about. Second, the action sequences during the end of the movie were pretty awesome. Finally, this film makes me want to see Ridley Scott's Alien very badly.  Also, if you love great sequels on horror movie franchise, you couldn't go wrong by watching this one.

The tenth film I have watched is Guardians of the Galaxy and I have fun time watching this film, even thought this film had major flaws like not enough character development and world building information for me.  Other than that, I would recommend this film to you if you want a different comic book flare that isn't show a lot.

The final film that I have saw for August is a documentary called Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of  007. I personally found the documentary about James Bond to be very interesting, but most of the facts that I knew beforehand before watching this documentary, which makes the story misleading to me since I know a lot about Bond. Also, if you love documentary films and Bond, this isn't the worst thing to happen when it comes to documentary filming.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Before Sunset Movie Review

Before I post this review, I want to warn you that there are spoilers in this review, so go see this  movie or Before Sunrise if you haven't seen these films already.

One thing in Hollywood that I find very challenging for directors to complete is to make a sequel better than the original film, but Richard Linkletter has accomplished the very demanding task of making the sequel better by making  the tone of the movie has change, and the chemistry of the actors have changed, and the perspectives and motives of Jesse and Celine have changed to help this film when it comes to making the film more mature.

The first thing that I loved the about the sequel is the tone of the movie has changed to its settings in Greece instead of having the happy and go free tone that the first film did in Vienna, which I found refreshing and realistic since not everything  can be the same as the days when Jesse and Celine who feel in love with each other for one night. Since the first film, the tone was very different compared to the first film and the tone of the movie to me is  bittersweet. The reason why I say that is you can tell from the bright and dark tones of the scenery and the landmarks that the director does to give you a major hint of what's going to happen before you see the dramatic results of the acting from Ethan Hawke and Julie Deply in the car together before they come to Celine's house.

The second thing that I love about the sequel besides the tone of the movie is that the chemistry of the character that we love as changed. Instead of the being two couples of being falling in love, they have been thinking about the past and wondering what would happen if they start to become a couple together instead of being married to their current boyfriend or girlfriend, which does give another hint on how different the chemistry is, which is awesome to see, Also, another thing that I have noticed on how mature the chemistry is that the ways that they interact in a flirting way have changed into a more elegant way as well.

The final thing that I love about the movie is the perspectives and motives of the characters have changed dramatically since the first time you have seen them on film and I have a good amount of examples it. First, Celine's view on reincarnation has changed because she does not believes in them anymore and Celine's feminist views on the females in her society are becoming a bigger motivation to her as the film progresses. Second, Ethan motivation in this book is to have his fairy tale of having Celine in his comes to life instead of words that he has written when he has became a bestseller author and his perspective in life is more honest and brutal than it was during the first film. Finally, these examples shows that people's perfectives in certain area can change as the become more wiser and know themselves better to.

 If you have seen Before Sunrise, but not this film, I highly recommend you to see the couple you fall in love with become more mature as those nine years have passed and seeing them again is like seeing an couple that you know pretty well in real life and who couldn't resist seeing a sequel that has improved tremendously over the first film. .

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Guilty Pleasures Movies Blogathan : A Sharknado Movie Review

Before, I start reviewing my Sharknado movie review and put the rules on there, I just want to thank Allie and Jenna from Flick Chicks this wonderful blogathan idea and I can't wait to read other posts about the blogathan once the due date begins, but first I have to state the rules.

1. The blogger who is writing in this blogthan can choose the amount of movies that they want to watch, but you have to explain to Jenna and Allie why you like  it a lot.

2. Please create a new post for our Blogathon, rather than linking an old post you may have already done

3. Use the blogathan banner that they provide somewhere in your post.

4. The deadline for this blogathan is on August 31, so you need to do soon as possible if you decide on participating in this blogathan like me.

Since, the rules are now stated, I will give you guys the review of the latest guiltily pleasure movie that I have actually liked in a while after seeing some bad movies this year .

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thursday Movie Pick Meme: Time Travels Movies

I am very excited about the subject that Wanderer has provided this week, so I decided it would be great to do this again after having so much fun with the Movies with Ensemble Cast that I did on July. Also, I do like time travels movies as well and I got some time travel movies that I think are wonderful to watch with the whole family.

Meet the Robinsons is one of my favorite time travels movies that Disney offered for many reasons. First, I love the futuristic world that is provided in this movie. Second, I love the T-rex in this movie and I find it very amusing. Third, I love the motto that this film provides at the end of the story, but I won't give that motto away at all. Finally, I love the cast of characters that provide in this movie.

Back to the Future is one of the most known time travel movies of all time and there are many reasons why I love this movie a lot. First, you got the cool backstory of Marty trying to get his dad to dance with her at the prom before his future is bad. Second, the characters are very iconic in this movie and I wouldn't be surprised if you have heard of their names before you saw the movie. Third, you got the awesome moment in the film the song the Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News comes on. Finally, you get to see Michael J. Fox on one of his most successful roles as Marty McFly.

Time Bandits is an underrated time travel movies that I think needs to be talk more often and I have my reasons on it. First, it is on the Criterion Collection, which means that the film has made a major impact in someway to film lovers out there like me. Second, this a great start for kids to get introduced to Terry Gilliam as film director without showing them his adult work. Third, the time traveling is so unique since dwarves aren't normally in time travels films at all. Finally, the world building in this film is much more creative than your average family fantasy film in my generation.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Before Sunrise Movie Review

Something I always wanted to experience is a day worth of being in love with someone that I probably won't talk to again because I love the fact that you can express your darkest and deepest thoughts for once about your perspective in life, while feeling like you are exposing your true self, which is probably feels liberating to someone who hasn't experience it like me. Also, I am in the stage in my life where I want to experience the young love where you can only have if you have a certain connection with someone. This is why Before Sunrise has touch me in a personal level when it comes to how the connection is between the two actors that play Jessie and Celine and  how realistic the screenplay for a romance movie.

If the acting or the connection was not spot on I would have a very hard time believing and realting to the characters, but thankfully this didn't happen to me at all after hearing and reading about how amazing this movie can be to people who aren't a huge romance genre fan. A great example of this is every single time the actors Ethan Hawke (Jesse) and Julie Deply (Celine) are talking to each other, you feel like you are on the journey with them and every single time they do something together you feel so happy and liberated while they are together, and when they leave you feel a sense of dread because you want to see them more as a  potential couple falling in love.

The other thing that made this movie so personal to me is the screenplay that was written by Richard Linkletter and Kim Krizan. You can tell that both of these writers have many experiences when it comes to love for their different theory as male and female being in love and the movie proves it because the dialogue sounds very realistic for a potential couple that is starting to begin to lovely process of young love that has a very strong connection. A great example of this is when Jesse and Celine are in the gravesite of the little girl that Celine remembered while going there once as a child and you can tell the love and tenderness that have for each other while barley knowing each other at all and this reminds of when I see young couples in love because you can tell that they might not a connection like this again.

If you are a romantic at heart like me when it comes to experience your first love where you can expose yourself with worrying about what they think in general and still have those one of a kind sparks that you never get again as long as you live, this is a great choice for you and I wouldn't be surprised if this touch your heart and soul like me. Also, the hype of this film is worth and I hope you enjoy the journey that you get to have with Celine and Jesse if you haven't seen this film like I have.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Childhood Memories with Robin Williams

When I heard that Robin Williams died, I felt like a part of my childhood was gone and the great things about him as a actor is that you can connect to his characters no matter what age you are, which is remarkable considering that most comedians have a hard time with this when it comes to acting in films.  Since, he has passed away I want to mention the two childhood memories I had with him as a actor instead focusing on the Before Trilogy movie reviews that I have planned to do because honoring a great actor legacy is more important than writing reviews on something that I can easily whenever want to, but whenever something like this happens, there isn't that much time to honor someone like him before it is not acceptable to put  a blog post about someone amazing like him.  The films and character I will mention in this topic  are the Genie in Aladdin and Alan Parrish in Jumanji.

The first film that I will talk about is Robin Williams acting as the genie. First of all, the genie to me is the best part of this film because it makes the movie more magical and fun since Robin Williams was super joyful and entertaining to watch.  Also, the genie has some of the best songs in the film in my opinion because you can tell that Robin is having a blast when it comes to singing all of the songs that he had to sing in Aladdin and it makes me happy by even thinking about it. Without Robin Williams in this film, the magical moments of the film wouldn't be strongly in mind when I have saw this when I was around eight or seven years old.

The last film I will talk is about a film that I have re-watch before when I was about eight, which is pretty rare for me and that film is Jumanji. The reason why this film has a great re-watching ability is the plot of the story is very fun and the fact that we got to see Robin Williams adjusting to life after being in the board game Jumjani for most of his adult and childhood life is quite interesting to see, and I love how vulnerable he gets during the movie when it comes to the two kids who made the mistake of playing this horrifying game. Without Robin Williams in this role, I couldn't image how iconic this movie for a family friendly movie if this film didn't make him into a leading role.

I personally wish that he didn't die, but the legacy that he has made during his years is quite impressive and the childhood memories I had with him will always be dear to my heart. Also, I have condolences to his family for this tragic death and I know for certain that there will not be another great actor in a comedian world that acts like he does in a long time.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Top 8 Quentin Tarantino Movies that I want to see

For a lot of movies fan there are a lot of directors that they need to get off their shame list and sadly on the director's that is on my shame list is Quentin Tarantino, one of the most famous directors of my generation that makes tons of film references to his films, while putting an original spin on the film references that he took from the movie.   Now, I will start my top 8 list on Quentin Tarantino movies I want to see and the list will be based on how I entertained I will be and how badly I want to see that particular film of his.  Also, I hope you enjoy the list.

1. Pulp Fiction is the first film that I would like to see Quentin Tarantino filmography the most out of the eight films that he has completed for many reasons. First, I would love to see the famous dance sequences that this film refrenced from Breathless from Jean Luc Goddard , which is another film in my shame list that I need to see. Second, the plot and characters are so iconic, that I am just curious to how it all plays out it in this particular film. Finally, I love to see this film since everyone considers it a modern classic and it would be nice to get see this film.

2. Reservoir Dogs is the second film in this list for many reasons. First, I would love to have bragging rights from my brother when it comes to seeing the whole film instead of seeing the film in little tiny  segments instead of staying for the whole movie. Second, I love the fact that the characters are named are related to colors and I wonder if the colors of their name relate to the personalities in anyways. Third, I would love to see why people consider it one of the best Quentin Tarantino film besides reading it online on various reviewers on Letterboxd and podcasts. Finally, it would be great to explore the mafia genre, which I am not that familiar with at all.

3. Inglorious Bastards is in the top three for many reasons. First, I really want to see Christopher Waltz performance since it looks really good from the scenes that I have saw when he won the Academy Award for this performance. Second, I would be very interested to see what types of things he would with the film genre of war. Finally, I want to see how much film references he can pack, while still delivering his usual flare of making the film references he uses in an more original and creative way.

4. Django Unchained is on top four film that I want to see from him  badly because I love the genre of spaghetti western and I find very interesting to his spin of a genre that basically is not as known to most of the people who are in my age, which are teenagers unless you have very passionate who loves going outside the typical teenager comfort zone when it comes to movies. Another reason why I would love to see this movie besides the fact that I love spaghetti westerns is the fact that Quentin Tarantino is very passionate about those types of films and I would like to see how many film references I can get from watching this film.

5. Kill Bill Volume I is on my top five when it comes to film that I badly want to see for many reasons. First, I love samurai movies in general and I would love to see his perspective on a genre that I love a lot. Second, I would like to see Uma Thurman performance as the bride because I am not that familiar with the acting career of her at all. Third, I do like watching films about revenge, so I would have a blast watching this. Finally, I would love the action that this film provides.

6. Kill Bill Volume 2 is my top six film for a good amount of reasons. First, I would like to see if this film is better than Kill Bill. Second, I would like to see if the storyline or the pace of the film  is a bit different from the first film. Finally, I would like to see if we got to learn more of Kill Bill past after you watch the first film.

7. Jackie Brown is number seven in this list for many reasons. First, I would love to see how Quentin Tarantino deals with a female as a lead character for the movie. Second, I would love to learn about the blaxploitation genre in general besides the fact that Pam Grier is one of the most famous actresses in that genre. Third. I wonder how the crime element would work with a blend of blaxploitation into the film. Finally, I would love to see Pam Grier acting in a element that she is used to doing with a fun twist of having Quentin Tarantino's unique way of telling stories like this film.

8.  Death Proof is number eight in the list for two reasons. First, I would like to see how this segment works when Robert Rodriguez directs the other two films in the segment. Finally, I would like to see why Quentin Tarantino thinks this is the worst film that he has done in his whole entire filmography of his.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Reasons Why I'm excited to see the Before Trilogy

Before I see the Before Triolgy for the first time in my life, I just wanted to state the reasons why I am very excited to start the journey of one of cinematic most known couples of all time which are Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and I hope you enjoy the reasons of a movie geek's exploration to one of the most beloved romantic movies of my generation.

First, I want to learn more about Jesse and Celine as characters and the progress that they had from becoming a one day night romance in Vienna to how that got married to each other. I know that the reason is not very vague, but in most of my favorite romance films like Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, and Brief Encounter, you don't have many chances to learn about the character's, what their motives are,  how their chemistry works as a couple,  and the connection that the audiences get with the couple in general.  The best part about  these movies is that you have a great chance to feel like you are apart of their world for a longer period than your average romantic movies, which I find exciting because I hate saying goodbye to characters that I had a great personal connection with and

Second, I want to hear the dialogue that this film trilogy has to offer. I know that the reason sound odd, but without realistic dialogue that relates to our lives as humans, the chances of us falling in love with the characters in the film will fail miserably if the words of the film are not spot on at all. Also, the chemistry that the couple has can fail too if the dialogue is not up to par at all. That is why brilliant and relatable dialogue is what I need to hear if I want a chance to fall in love with the films like any normal movie cinema fan does when it comes to couples like Jesse and Celine.

Third, I want to know why Richard Linkletter is so successful when it comes to movies, instead of reading or hearing the general reasons why Boyhood is so critically acclaim, the reasons why people think he is one of the most regarded directors when it comes to his  independent  films, or the reasons why Dazed and Confused and Slacker are on the Criterion Collection.  I personally admit that his resume and the facts about how acclaim his films are impressive, but sometimes as a film fan it is better to see for  yourself why films fans and critics loved a certain director's filmography.

Fourth, I want to see how the places in Europe and the camerawork reflect the couples mood in each movie, which would be very interesting to see. Also, the landmarks and the places they  could possibly give a me a big hint on how the tone of the movie will be too, so it makes me even more pumped to explore the trilogy for the first time.

Finally, I can hear the perspectives on The Before Trilogy from two different movie podcasts that I love to listen to after I complete the movies. The podcast that have the topic of the films are The Matinee Cast and Across the Universe: The Chick with Accents Podcast.  Another great thing about finishing the trilogy that is related to hearing the perspectives of the film is that I can listen to this without hearing spoilers and I can easily have some blogging post if I write down the thoughts I had for both of the podcasts.

After giving to you, the readers a great explanation on why I want to start the journey of lifetime with Jesse and Celine, I have become more motivated to see how impactful this movie is to the audiences around the world and my own age group when it comes to this trilogy. Now, I am going to watch Before Sunrise before Jesse and Celine are begging for me to explore to their personal lives as a couple.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Favorite Directors Blogathan: Sergio Leone- August 2014

The reason why I put Sergio Leone in this list is because some of the best movie experiences I had came from him and I wouldn't be that aware of what a spaghetti western is if I didn't see any on his films. That is why here is one this list and if you want to see the previous directors that I have done for this blogathan, please click here.

Image result for once upon a time in the west
1. Once Upon a Time in the West has made a huge impact with me for many reasons and I will explain the reason why this film is number one in my list. First, this was my main introduction to his films and spaghetti westerns in general. Second, the cast that the had in this movie was amazing and all of the characters in the movie were fun to watch. Third, the way that Sergio Leone made the action sequences amazed me because I have never seen anything like it before I discovered him as a director. Finally, this film made me want to discovered more Sergio Leone films since I was very impressed with it.

2. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is my favorite movie in the Dollars Trilogy for many reasons and number two in this countdown of my favorite films of his. First, the film does not seem that long at all since it was very entertaining and you wouldn't expect that you watch a film that was over two hour film. Second, the story is very memorable and you feel like your part of the movie when it comes to the journey of the good, the bad, or the ugly when it comes to the treasure that they are seeking thought out the whole film. Third, the action sequences are out of this world and they felt authentic to the movie as well, Finally, the re-watch value in the movie is really high in my book and I would love to re-watch this film someday.

3. For a Few Dollars More is a very good sequel to A Fistful of Dollars and I have my reasons on why this film is number three on my list. First, you get an awesome introduction to Lee Van Cleef and he makes the film a lot more entertaining to me. Second, Sergio Leone directing is a lot better than the first one. Third, the film is a lot more complex when it comes to the plot. Finally, the characters are more fleshed out and I love the fact that we got to learn the villain in this movie a little bit better before he died.

4. A Fistful of Dollars is the film that made a huge impact when it comes to film and I have many reasons why this film is number four on my list. First, this film introduced the world to Sergio Leone. Second, this film introduces us to the iconic score of Ennio Morricone, which is one of my favorite scores of all time. Third, we got introduce to the iconic character that Clint Eastwood plays for the whole trilogy. Finally, the movie has changed my life as well when it comes to seeing this trilogy.

5. Duck, you Sucker is one of the most least known Segio Leone movie since barley anyone talks about it that much, which is quite sad and I have some reasons why this film is number five in the list. First, the narration of the film getter better as you watch the film. Second, this is easily his most playful film, but it still has his signatures styles when it comes to his film. Third, this is one of the best spaghetti western stand alone that I have seen. Finally, this film has all of things that people love about his work and I like that fact about the movie.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The British Invaders Blogathan: A Matter of Life and Death Movie Review

A Matter of  Life and Death is one of those films that spoke to me as a film fan and I was in love with everything that this film did just like the first Powell and Pressburger I saw this year, which was The Red Shoes. The reasons why this film spoke to me was the theme of the film, the cinematography, and how unique the plot compared to the average war related that I have seen in the past.

The first thing that I will talk about theme is love, which is one of the most used themes that happen in films, but if you make the audiences care about the characters who are in love, it makes the story more magical if this theme was showcased like this film and I have two great examples of why this film showcased this theme perfectly. First, the connection between June (Kim Hunter) and Peter (David Niven) was shown the first time they met and you tell that were meant to be with each other based on their facial expressions and tone in the voices throughout the whole entire movie. Finally , the actions that lovers did when one was in trouble gave you a big hint that they will never stop loving each other to the end of time.

The second thing I will mentioned in this review is the how gorgeous the cinematography can be. I love how very advanced it was for a film back in 1940's and I have a great example of it.  The example I have can be odd at first, but the meanings of how different the Technicolor and black and white parts when it comes to two different worlds. The Techincolor represents the world that we are used to living in. The black and white in this film is all of about the people that have died in heaven recently and in the past.

The last thing that I will mention that I love is how unique the plot is to the film and I have my reasons for saying that. First, this film is not your average war movie at all and most war movies that I know of don't consists of two different parallel universes that makes a major impact to anyone's life at all. Second, they avoid most of the clich├ęs that normally happen in all of the war films that I have seen. Finally, the plot has many layers to it and it makes you think on all of the political and prejudice views that some of the characters say in this film.

If you love movies that have a great plot, great cinematography, and an unique plot this film is for you and I personally can't wait to grab my hands on another Pressburger and Powell film that I haven't seen at all.