Saturday, August 16, 2014

Before Sunrise Movie Review

Something I always wanted to experience is a day worth of being in love with someone that I probably won't talk to again because I love the fact that you can express your darkest and deepest thoughts for once about your perspective in life, while feeling like you are exposing your true self, which is probably feels liberating to someone who hasn't experience it like me. Also, I am in the stage in my life where I want to experience the young love where you can only have if you have a certain connection with someone. This is why Before Sunrise has touch me in a personal level when it comes to how the connection is between the two actors that play Jessie and Celine and  how realistic the screenplay for a romance movie.

If the acting or the connection was not spot on I would have a very hard time believing and realting to the characters, but thankfully this didn't happen to me at all after hearing and reading about how amazing this movie can be to people who aren't a huge romance genre fan. A great example of this is every single time the actors Ethan Hawke (Jesse) and Julie Deply (Celine) are talking to each other, you feel like you are on the journey with them and every single time they do something together you feel so happy and liberated while they are together, and when they leave you feel a sense of dread because you want to see them more as a  potential couple falling in love.

The other thing that made this movie so personal to me is the screenplay that was written by Richard Linkletter and Kim Krizan. You can tell that both of these writers have many experiences when it comes to love for their different theory as male and female being in love and the movie proves it because the dialogue sounds very realistic for a potential couple that is starting to begin to lovely process of young love that has a very strong connection. A great example of this is when Jesse and Celine are in the gravesite of the little girl that Celine remembered while going there once as a child and you can tell the love and tenderness that have for each other while barley knowing each other at all and this reminds of when I see young couples in love because you can tell that they might not a connection like this again.

If you are a romantic at heart like me when it comes to experience your first love where you can expose yourself with worrying about what they think in general and still have those one of a kind sparks that you never get again as long as you live, this is a great choice for you and I wouldn't be surprised if this touch your heart and soul like me. Also, the hype of this film is worth and I hope you enjoy the journey that you get to have with Celine and Jesse if you haven't seen this film like I have.

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