Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Before Sunset Movie Review

Before I post this review, I want to warn you that there are spoilers in this review, so go see this  movie or Before Sunrise if you haven't seen these films already.

One thing in Hollywood that I find very challenging for directors to complete is to make a sequel better than the original film, but Richard Linkletter has accomplished the very demanding task of making the sequel better by making  the tone of the movie has change, and the chemistry of the actors have changed, and the perspectives and motives of Jesse and Celine have changed to help this film when it comes to making the film more mature.

The first thing that I loved the about the sequel is the tone of the movie has changed to its settings in Greece instead of having the happy and go free tone that the first film did in Vienna, which I found refreshing and realistic since not everything  can be the same as the days when Jesse and Celine who feel in love with each other for one night. Since the first film, the tone was very different compared to the first film and the tone of the movie to me is  bittersweet. The reason why I say that is you can tell from the bright and dark tones of the scenery and the landmarks that the director does to give you a major hint of what's going to happen before you see the dramatic results of the acting from Ethan Hawke and Julie Deply in the car together before they come to Celine's house.

The second thing that I love about the sequel besides the tone of the movie is that the chemistry of the character that we love as changed. Instead of the being two couples of being falling in love, they have been thinking about the past and wondering what would happen if they start to become a couple together instead of being married to their current boyfriend or girlfriend, which does give another hint on how different the chemistry is, which is awesome to see, Also, another thing that I have noticed on how mature the chemistry is that the ways that they interact in a flirting way have changed into a more elegant way as well.

The final thing that I love about the movie is the perspectives and motives of the characters have changed dramatically since the first time you have seen them on film and I have a good amount of examples it. First, Celine's view on reincarnation has changed because she does not believes in them anymore and Celine's feminist views on the females in her society are becoming a bigger motivation to her as the film progresses. Second, Ethan motivation in this book is to have his fairy tale of having Celine in his comes to life instead of words that he has written when he has became a bestseller author and his perspective in life is more honest and brutal than it was during the first film. Finally, these examples shows that people's perfectives in certain area can change as the become more wiser and know themselves better to.

 If you have seen Before Sunrise, but not this film, I highly recommend you to see the couple you fall in love with become more mature as those nine years have passed and seeing them again is like seeing an couple that you know pretty well in real life and who couldn't resist seeing a sequel that has improved tremendously over the first film. .


  1. Good review James. It deserves to be seen, because it's not only one of the best sequels ever, but also shows Delpy in her element. Such a shame she hasn't really made it all that big elsewhere.

  2. Thanks Dan for your comment and I believe that this sequel should be seen as well. Also, I really hope that Julie Delpy has a big breakout in her career because she is a wonderful actress.