Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Childhood Memories with Robin Williams

When I heard that Robin Williams died, I felt like a part of my childhood was gone and the great things about him as a actor is that you can connect to his characters no matter what age you are, which is remarkable considering that most comedians have a hard time with this when it comes to acting in films.  Since, he has passed away I want to mention the two childhood memories I had with him as a actor instead focusing on the Before Trilogy movie reviews that I have planned to do because honoring a great actor legacy is more important than writing reviews on something that I can easily whenever want to, but whenever something like this happens, there isn't that much time to honor someone like him before it is not acceptable to put  a blog post about someone amazing like him.  The films and character I will mention in this topic  are the Genie in Aladdin and Alan Parrish in Jumanji.

The first film that I will talk about is Robin Williams acting as the genie. First of all, the genie to me is the best part of this film because it makes the movie more magical and fun since Robin Williams was super joyful and entertaining to watch.  Also, the genie has some of the best songs in the film in my opinion because you can tell that Robin is having a blast when it comes to singing all of the songs that he had to sing in Aladdin and it makes me happy by even thinking about it. Without Robin Williams in this film, the magical moments of the film wouldn't be strongly in mind when I have saw this when I was around eight or seven years old.

The last film I will talk is about a film that I have re-watch before when I was about eight, which is pretty rare for me and that film is Jumanji. The reason why this film has a great re-watching ability is the plot of the story is very fun and the fact that we got to see Robin Williams adjusting to life after being in the board game Jumjani for most of his adult and childhood life is quite interesting to see, and I love how vulnerable he gets during the movie when it comes to the two kids who made the mistake of playing this horrifying game. Without Robin Williams in this role, I couldn't image how iconic this movie for a family friendly movie if this film didn't make him into a leading role.

I personally wish that he didn't die, but the legacy that he has made during his years is quite impressive and the childhood memories I had with him will always be dear to my heart. Also, I have condolences to his family for this tragic death and I know for certain that there will not be another great actor in a comedian world that acts like he does in a long time.

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