Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Reasons Why I'm excited to see the Before Trilogy

Before I see the Before Triolgy for the first time in my life, I just wanted to state the reasons why I am very excited to start the journey of one of cinematic most known couples of all time which are Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and I hope you enjoy the reasons of a movie geek's exploration to one of the most beloved romantic movies of my generation.

First, I want to learn more about Jesse and Celine as characters and the progress that they had from becoming a one day night romance in Vienna to how that got married to each other. I know that the reason is not very vague, but in most of my favorite romance films like Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, and Brief Encounter, you don't have many chances to learn about the character's, what their motives are,  how their chemistry works as a couple,  and the connection that the audiences get with the couple in general.  The best part about  these movies is that you have a great chance to feel like you are apart of their world for a longer period than your average romantic movies, which I find exciting because I hate saying goodbye to characters that I had a great personal connection with and

Second, I want to hear the dialogue that this film trilogy has to offer. I know that the reason sound odd, but without realistic dialogue that relates to our lives as humans, the chances of us falling in love with the characters in the film will fail miserably if the words of the film are not spot on at all. Also, the chemistry that the couple has can fail too if the dialogue is not up to par at all. That is why brilliant and relatable dialogue is what I need to hear if I want a chance to fall in love with the films like any normal movie cinema fan does when it comes to couples like Jesse and Celine.

Third, I want to know why Richard Linkletter is so successful when it comes to movies, instead of reading or hearing the general reasons why Boyhood is so critically acclaim, the reasons why people think he is one of the most regarded directors when it comes to his  independent  films, or the reasons why Dazed and Confused and Slacker are on the Criterion Collection.  I personally admit that his resume and the facts about how acclaim his films are impressive, but sometimes as a film fan it is better to see for  yourself why films fans and critics loved a certain director's filmography.

Fourth, I want to see how the places in Europe and the camerawork reflect the couples mood in each movie, which would be very interesting to see. Also, the landmarks and the places they  could possibly give a me a big hint on how the tone of the movie will be too, so it makes me even more pumped to explore the trilogy for the first time.

Finally, I can hear the perspectives on The Before Trilogy from two different movie podcasts that I love to listen to after I complete the movies. The podcast that have the topic of the films are The Matinee Cast and Across the Universe: The Chick with Accents Podcast.  Another great thing about finishing the trilogy that is related to hearing the perspectives of the film is that I can listen to this without hearing spoilers and I can easily have some blogging post if I write down the thoughts I had for both of the podcasts.

After giving to you, the readers a great explanation on why I want to start the journey of lifetime with Jesse and Celine, I have become more motivated to see how impactful this movie is to the audiences around the world and my own age group when it comes to this trilogy. Now, I am going to watch Before Sunrise before Jesse and Celine are begging for me to explore to their personal lives as a couple.

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