Saturday, August 23, 2014

Guilty Pleasures Movies Blogathan : A Sharknado Movie Review

Before, I start reviewing my Sharknado movie review and put the rules on there, I just want to thank Allie and Jenna from Flick Chicks this wonderful blogathan idea and I can't wait to read other posts about the blogathan once the due date begins, but first I have to state the rules.

1. The blogger who is writing in this blogthan can choose the amount of movies that they want to watch, but you have to explain to Jenna and Allie why you like  it a lot.

2. Please create a new post for our Blogathon, rather than linking an old post you may have already done

3. Use the blogathan banner that they provide somewhere in your post.

4. The deadline for this blogathan is on August 31, so you need to do soon as possible if you decide on participating in this blogathan like me.

Since, the rules are now stated, I will give you guys the review of the latest guiltily pleasure movie that I have actually liked in a while after seeing some bad movies this year .

Do you ever feel like you're watching a movie that is so bad, that it is good at times when it comes to watching films? I know that I have felt this way multiple times when it comes to films and one of the films that  have given me that feeling recently is watching Sharknado. The reason why I say that is because the actors embraces the badness of the roles, the plot is so creative/dumb at the same time, and the shark tornado made this movie worth watching.

The first thing that I look for when it comes to a guilty pleasure movies is how crazy the acting can get when the character lines don't really help that much when it comes to character development and this film fits the bill when it comes how crazy the roles can be since they are not believe at all. A good example of this involves the whole cast in general because they embrace the badness of the characters to an extreme and you can't help, but like how bad the performances can be from famous actors who are known to be bad actors in general in my opinion  like Tara Reid and Ian Ziering.

The second thing that I look for in a guilty pleasure movie besides the crazy acting is how creative and dumb the plot can be at the same time and Sharknado knows that the if the plot is dumb, the more fun the viewers will have when it comes to seeing people getting eaten by tornado sharks and I admit that I had a fun time watching this happen because the plot is really dumb and fun. If the title doesn't give away the fact that this film could be dumb and fun to you, I don't know how else to explain my reasoning besides giving you the fact that you need to see this movie to know why I feel this way about the movie.

The last thing that I look for  practically  when it comes to this movie besides the dumbness and creative of the plot is how will the sharks add to the cheese factor to a already cheesy movie in general  and they put the high value of craziness to the to max when it comes to these sharks, A good example of this is when is the sharks attack because the reactions that the characters who are eaten by the shark are priceless and the ways they got destroyed in the movie are really crazy as well.

If you feel like seeing the wonderful guilty pleasure because of the dumb storyline, bad performances from actors that love their roles, and shark tornado attacks, this is a great guilty pleasure choice for you.


  1. Great choice. Haven't seen it yet, but from what I hear it's a movie that knows what it is and goes for broke. I love movies like that.

    1. Thanks for the comment on my guilty pleasure movie choice and I love movies that know who they are too Wendell. Also, I like your guilty pleasure movie choices too.

  2. Brilliant choice James, I have the same feeling about Piranha 3D. I have yet to see Sharknado but it definitely on my must see list. Thanks for taking part - Jenna

    1. Thanks for the comment Jenna and I am so glad that you did this fun blogathan. Also, I would love to see Piranha 3D too, since this film will defiantly be in my guilty pleasure alley of films.