Sunday, August 31, 2014

Movies I've seen: August 2014 edition

Since August is coming to a end, I thought you guys  would want to learn films I have been watching for this month and there were various film that I have watched this month. Some of the film that were included involve a guilty pleasure movie, a documentary, and a romance trilogy that melt and break your heart,. Now, I will mention the eleven films that I saw for this month.

The first film I saw in August was  A Matter of Life and Death is pretty amazing to watch in general and if you want to read my thoughts on this film please click here

The second film I watched was the sequel to the iconic 80's action movie, which is called Conan the Destroyer, but it wasn't that good. The reason why I say that is the plot is way to serious for a dumb action movie and the violence is barley there at all. Next time, I will easily watch the Conan the Barbarian  instead of this horrible sequel.

The third film I will mention that I have watch  is Sharknado this week and if you want to read the whole review on this excellent guilty pleasure film, please click here

The fourth film I have watched is Rescue Dawn directed by Werner Herzog and I find it okay for my first film of his and I have reasons for that. The beginning was pretty slow, but once you get closer to the hour mark, the film gets really interesting. Another reason why I found this film okay is that Christian Bale did a excellent job as the main character in the story. If you have nothing else to watch when it comes to war films, this is a decent choice in my opinion.

The fifth film I have watched is Before Sunrise and if you want to read my thoughts on this film please click here  

The sixth film that I have watched is Before Sunset and you can click here if you here if you want to read the review.

The seventh film I have watched is Before Midnight and I was pretty sad when I was done with this trilogy because I have invested three days of learning more about the characters. Also, during September, please be on the lookout for my review for this film.

The eight film I have watched is the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast and I enjoyed it a lot. The reason why I enjoyed this because I love how creative the Disney was when it comes to recreating the iconic fairy tale and I love the music parts of this film. If you haven't seen this film, I would recommend you to see this Disney classic easily.

The ninth film I have watched is Aliens and I love the film a lot. First of all, I can see why people love Ridley Scott and I love how she tells it like it is, while being very passionate about the things she cares about. Second, the action sequences during the end of the movie were pretty awesome. Finally, this film makes me want to see Ridley Scott's Alien very badly.  Also, if you love great sequels on horror movie franchise, you couldn't go wrong by watching this one.

The tenth film I have watched is Guardians of the Galaxy and I have fun time watching this film, even thought this film had major flaws like not enough character development and world building information for me.  Other than that, I would recommend this film to you if you want a different comic book flare that isn't show a lot.

The final film that I have saw for August is a documentary called Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of  007. I personally found the documentary about James Bond to be very interesting, but most of the facts that I knew beforehand before watching this documentary, which makes the story misleading to me since I know a lot about Bond. Also, if you love documentary films and Bond, this isn't the worst thing to happen when it comes to documentary filming.

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