Monday, August 11, 2014

Top 8 Quentin Tarantino Movies that I want to see

For a lot of movies fan there are a lot of directors that they need to get off their shame list and sadly on the director's that is on my shame list is Quentin Tarantino, one of the most famous directors of my generation that makes tons of film references to his films, while putting an original spin on the film references that he took from the movie.   Now, I will start my top 8 list on Quentin Tarantino movies I want to see and the list will be based on how I entertained I will be and how badly I want to see that particular film of his.  Also, I hope you enjoy the list.

1. Pulp Fiction is the first film that I would like to see Quentin Tarantino filmography the most out of the eight films that he has completed for many reasons. First, I would love to see the famous dance sequences that this film refrenced from Breathless from Jean Luc Goddard , which is another film in my shame list that I need to see. Second, the plot and characters are so iconic, that I am just curious to how it all plays out it in this particular film. Finally, I love to see this film since everyone considers it a modern classic and it would be nice to get see this film.

2. Reservoir Dogs is the second film in this list for many reasons. First, I would love to have bragging rights from my brother when it comes to seeing the whole film instead of seeing the film in little tiny  segments instead of staying for the whole movie. Second, I love the fact that the characters are named are related to colors and I wonder if the colors of their name relate to the personalities in anyways. Third, I would love to see why people consider it one of the best Quentin Tarantino film besides reading it online on various reviewers on Letterboxd and podcasts. Finally, it would be great to explore the mafia genre, which I am not that familiar with at all.

3. Inglorious Bastards is in the top three for many reasons. First, I really want to see Christopher Waltz performance since it looks really good from the scenes that I have saw when he won the Academy Award for this performance. Second, I would be very interested to see what types of things he would with the film genre of war. Finally, I want to see how much film references he can pack, while still delivering his usual flare of making the film references he uses in an more original and creative way.

4. Django Unchained is on top four film that I want to see from him  badly because I love the genre of spaghetti western and I find very interesting to his spin of a genre that basically is not as known to most of the people who are in my age, which are teenagers unless you have very passionate who loves going outside the typical teenager comfort zone when it comes to movies. Another reason why I would love to see this movie besides the fact that I love spaghetti westerns is the fact that Quentin Tarantino is very passionate about those types of films and I would like to see how many film references I can get from watching this film.

5. Kill Bill Volume I is on my top five when it comes to film that I badly want to see for many reasons. First, I love samurai movies in general and I would love to see his perspective on a genre that I love a lot. Second, I would like to see Uma Thurman performance as the bride because I am not that familiar with the acting career of her at all. Third, I do like watching films about revenge, so I would have a blast watching this. Finally, I would love the action that this film provides.

6. Kill Bill Volume 2 is my top six film for a good amount of reasons. First, I would like to see if this film is better than Kill Bill. Second, I would like to see if the storyline or the pace of the film  is a bit different from the first film. Finally, I would like to see if we got to learn more of Kill Bill past after you watch the first film.

7. Jackie Brown is number seven in this list for many reasons. First, I would love to see how Quentin Tarantino deals with a female as a lead character for the movie. Second, I would love to learn about the blaxploitation genre in general besides the fact that Pam Grier is one of the most famous actresses in that genre. Third. I wonder how the crime element would work with a blend of blaxploitation into the film. Finally, I would love to see Pam Grier acting in a element that she is used to doing with a fun twist of having Quentin Tarantino's unique way of telling stories like this film.

8.  Death Proof is number eight in the list for two reasons. First, I would like to see how this segment works when Robert Rodriguez directs the other two films in the segment. Finally, I would like to see why Quentin Tarantino thinks this is the worst film that he has done in his whole entire filmography of his.


  1. I'd say get crackin' on this list as soon as possible. I'd probably watch them in chronological order, which means starting with Reservoir Dogs. Scratch that. I'd start with True Romance, which is a movie he wrote before Reservoir Dogs, but was directed by Tony Scott. Have fun!

    1. I will get to the list as soon as possible, but I need to focus on celebrate the achievement that I have saw the whole Before trilogy in three day last week by writing down movie reviews of it on this website.