Saturday, September 20, 2014

Before Midnight Movie Review

WARNING: This film has spoilers, so don't read it if you haven't seen the movie or the rest of the films.

Seeing the end of a remarkable trilogy end makes me very sad, especially if I felt like I was the part with the certain characters in any particular movie like Before Midnight. The reason why I feel like this trilogy ended in a different note are by seeing the dark side of the couples we love, the perspectives change again, and the endless possibilities that the ending provides once you see the film.

First, the bitter sides of seeing a couple that used to be in love is quite frightening to me, especially the fighting scenes at the hotel. Without spoiling it that much , you felt so cringe worthy and horrifying when you see the couple fight about the compromises  that they want in the relationship. All I wanted to do when I saw those scenes, is hope that they stop arguing about the problems that they are currently happening at the hotel.

Second, the perspectives now change since they are a married couple. Jesse perspective is still writing his books, but now he feels guilty for not being the father figure he should of been his ex- fiancĂ©e child. Celine perspective is still the same when it comes to feminist views, but now all she wants Jesse to do is to stay with her children that they have together as well, which is quite selfish of Celine.

Finally, the ending of the movie makes me wonder about the future of Jesse and Celine's relationship a lot during the end and I have my opinions  on what happens if Richard Linkletter does not want to  make a fourth film in the Before installment. My thoughts are that Jesse and Celine will still be together because they are like best friends to each other, but if Richard Linkletter does decide to make a fourth film I will see it, but the anticipation of seeing it for the first time  wouldn't be  the same as the Before Trilogy.

Also, I am very thankful that I have enjoyed the ride of a journey of a lifetime and to those who haven't seen the film, I will really jealous that you get to see those films for the first time and those memories of seeing the films for the first time for me will have many fond memories of joy, sadness, and love for the characters that I have known for so long.

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