Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Favorite Directors Blogathan: Tim Burton- September 2014

The reason why Tim Burton is in my list because I enjoy him when he is at his element of creating original work that he is very passionate about, which I find sad because most of his work these days aren't like that anymore.  Now, I will list to you the films of Tim Burton's filmography that I have seen.

1. Edward Scissorhands is my favorite Tim Burton film for many reasons. First, the personal connection that we have with Edward Scissorhands is great because we want him to succeed in this quirky town that he lives in. Second, the chemistry between Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder is incredible to watch during the whole entire movie because you feel like you want to couple to be successful in a relationship, even thought they are complete opposites. Finally, the ending is very awesome and I love the fact the ending is very personal to Tim Burton because it shows how depressing it can be to have someone bully you for just being who you are.

2. Beetlejuice is a great step when it comes to how creative Tim Burton can be when it comes to a story he loves, while creating original movies. First, the idea of saying Beetlejuice multiple times is very creative. Second, the animation and the live action of this movie is remarkable and creative. Third, there are so many famous scenes in that movie. Finally, I love how dark the humor is when it is a family film that the whole family could watch.

3. Pee Wee Big Adventure is a great debut for Tim Burton and it easily show his unique features as directors and there are many reasons why I like this film a lot. First, you get Paul Reubens as his best, which is playing the iconic role of Pee Wee that everyone loves if you were a child of the 80's and 90's. Second, this film represents how entreating family films were back then and it isn't the same anymore these days. Finally, this film made me aware of who Pee Wee Herman is and how innocent the actor used to be before he got into major trouble.

4. Frankenweenie is the easily the best film that he has made in decades and I will explain why. First, Tim Burton is doing something that he hasn't done in ages, which is creating a story that he is very passionate about and is original. Second, the animation and creativity in this film reminds me of the things he did during the 1990's. Finally, I find it amazing that Tim Burton still has this captivity to films like this and I am praying for a Tim Burton comeback when it comes to films like these.

5. Batman Returns is a major step-up from this first film and I have reasons why I love this film better than the sequel. First, the darkness of the film made it more a like a Batman movie to me. Second, the villains of this film are more complex than the first film and they are not always what they seem. Third, the character of Max Shreck was a major highlight of the film for me, even though he is barley in it. Finally, the casting for the villains in this film are perfect and the actors play the villains perfectly.  

6.Batman is a great film that was match made in heaven for him when it comes to comic book adaption and I will explain why I love this film. First, the acting from Jack Nicholson is brilliant since he makes fun of himself on the previous film he has done and the embraces the role as the Joker too. Second,the plot of Bruce Wayne's journey is quite smart since the dilemma makes the idea of him being a human who saves the world more believable. Finally, the action was pretty fun to watch, even thought it was not that good as the Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy.

7. Corpse Bride was a good idea from Tim Burton, but there were some things that made this film an okay film for me. First, the plot was alright, but it didn't add the spark factor that when it comes to the films he used to make in the 1990's. Second, the animation was alright, but can tell that some of things in this film are GCI instead of hand stop animation, Finally, the ending made this film was pretty redeemable  considering the fact that the film storyline was pretty predictable.

8. Alice in Wonderland re-adaption from him was a pretty bad idea and I have my reasons why I feel this way. First, doing it live action loses all of the creative that this film has to offer and it would be awesome if the film was stop hand animation instead. Second, the story is pretty rushed for a live action movie. Finally, there were not a lot of things in the movie that stood out and I have forgotten a lot of the movie as well.

9.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a remake that should of not happened and I have my reasons why this is so low in list. First, you can't beat the original when it comes to how magical this film is and the performance of Gene Wilder as Willa Wonka. Second, the kids and Charlie didn't have the same special types of character connection when it comes to the original. Third, half of the things that were in this film were unnecessary and they didn't add anything important to the storyline.  Finally, the ending was just very blah compared to the original.  

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