Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Elephant Man Movie Review

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Watching your first David Lynch film can be quite a great experience for someone who has heard so many good things about his films, but thankfully I am already saw my first David Lynch movie this year, and it has everything that I have wanted for my first film of his, which were wonderful cinematography, a really complex plot that has meaning and shows experiences from previous films , and the creepiness that he loves to show that is always filled with surprises.

First, the plot is tailored to perfection for his style of filmmaking when the film was released because he had experience in doing a movie like this and it was his  directorial debut film Eraserhead. Basically, Eraserhead involves the same plot idea like The Elephant Man when it comes to people/creatures who are judged by majority of  society while providing different ideas based on similar things. The example that I had for The Elephant Man is that John Merrick gets accepted in the community for being himself for the most part in this true story  and the tone is probably a bit more less darker than Eraserhead,  The example that I have from Eraserhead from what I have known about the movie without seeing it is that the baby is a monstrous creature and causes a lot of bad mayhem for the main character of the movie instead of positive influences to people  like The Elephant Man's John Proctor.

Second, the cinematography makes the movie more unique in my eyes. The first thing that made me love this part of the film is black and white  scenes of the film come to life more often and it makes the film stand out more when it comes to story as well. Also,  the cinematography helps the movie in the heart felt moments of seeing John Merrick 's finally being accepted in community, while provided some creepy images that goes perfectly in this film. The last thing that makes me feel appreciative of the beauty of the film is that impact as a whole wouldn't make a big difference if this film was made in color.

Finally, the creepiness of the film made this film pop with surprises. A good example of this the beginning scene in the movie where John Merrick  gets attacked by animals during one frightful night and I didn't except the beginning to go like that and it made me hooked on the whole entire film. Also, another good part of the film that shows this trait is the bad dreams and kidnappings that had happen to him, which made me feel sorry for him even more besides the fact that people find him a freak, when he isn't one at all.

At the end of the day, this film has made me want to see more David Lynch films and the meaning, how the films looks, and the creepiness factor helps this movie out when it comes to a beginner in David Lynch films like me with less darkness in the film and I would recommend this as a best place to start if you are interesting in his works as well.

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