Saturday, September 27, 2014

Top 10 Horror Films Shame List: The Films I'm going to watch on October

Since it almost October already, I felt like putting a top ten shame list on horrors flicks that I am going to watch to in October, once the  Hoop Tober horror event on Letterboxd begins. If you don't know what Hoop Tober is I will explain what it is before I start the list. The Hoop Tober event is mainly where you watch horror movies for thirty one straight days with some strict guidelines, but I would rather you learn them yourself by clicking my version of Hoop Tober instead of me giving the rules.  Now, I will list some of the films that I will plan to see this October and why I am trying to get these certain ten films off my shame list on October and this list is in no particular order.

1. The Evil Dead from Sam Raimi  is one of those films that made a huge impact on the horror genre itself from a low budget and I would love to see how the low budget makes this film pretty scary without the budget that Evil Dead II has . Also, I would love to see how both of the story are similar and different from each other after seeing Evil Dead II this month for the first time on Chiller.

2. The Night of the Living Dead is another film that list that I want to see very badly since this film made a major impact on when it came to zombie in horror films and I keep hearing that this is one of the best zombie movies that George A. Romeo did besides Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, so I am very pumped about this journey of exploring one of the best zombie movies out there for inexperienced film fan that hasn't seen a lot of horror movies.

3.  Psycho is one of the most well known films that Hitchcock directed and as a huge fan of his work, I fell like I need to see Norman Bates attacking the people and I also wanted to see the famous shower scene in the film where Janet Leigh started to scream pretty badly once Bates kills her.  Once I finished this film sometime in October this year, I can easily say that I say one of the most iconic horror films of all time, which makes me feel pretty good about myself as person who is very passionate about movies.

4. The Omen is one of most well known movies when it comes to one particular character, which is Damien Thorn and that is one of the reasons why I want to see this film really badly. Also, I am not well experienced when it comes to creepy kids in horror movies unless you count Heather O'Rourke as Carol from Poltergiest, so this makes the journey of learning more about iconic horror character and movies more exciting when October begins.

5. Suspiria is a film that I have heard mentioned so many times when it comes to scary movies and  Italian horror as well. The reason why I want to see this film is that I am not familiar with the genre of film that is related to horror and I would like to see why this film has such a huge cult following with audiences and movie critics around the world.

6.  Horror of Dracula is one of the Dracula movies people mention a lot when it comes to Hammer Horror films and I am very curious to see how a Hammer Horror was done back when Christopher Lee was playing Dracula. Also, I am curious to see why the reputation of this Hammer Horror film is considered timeless to horror fans out there.

7. Carnival of the Souls is one of those films that shocked people a lot when the first see this movie and that makes me want to know why people consider this a horror film classic. Another thing that made me curious is to see how black and white films horror were like besides the Universal monster movies that I have seen that involve the classic horror monsters that I love watching.

8.  Kwaidan- When I found the plot of this movie earlier this year on TCM, the plot and the cover of the movie poster intruded me a lot and made me want to get this out of my shame list immediately. First, I love films that involve Japanese adaption to creepy stories and the second reasons why this film was pretty high in my must see list in October is that it has won the Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Festival, which is pretty remarkable to me since the Cannes is the most iconic film festival out there for film buffs.

9. Pepping Tom is a great step for me when it comes to seeing an Powell and Pressenger, since I would like to see a darker side of their filmography after watching A Matter of Life and Death and The Red Shoes this year. Also, I would like to see how their cinematography changes since the mood of the film is quite creepy and horrifying as well. Also, I would see why this film is considered one of the best British film when it comes to horror too.

10. A Tale of Two Sisters is another good choice for me to put off my shame list because this is considered a modern horror classic from foreign films and I always wanted to see how Kim Jee- Woon creates these wonderful, but original ideas that are very different from some of the foreign cinema that I have seen so far in my life.


  1. I've seen the first 3 on your list and number 10. I must say that I really enjoy all of them. Have fun with this.

    1. Thanks Wendell. I will have a fun time watching these creepy horror flicks.