Friday, October 3, 2014

Movies I've Seen: September 2014 edition

This month's edition is pretty short this week when it comes to movies, but I will talk about the four movies that I have seen this September and there are all unique in their own way.

Moonrise Kingdom was the second movie I have saw from Wes Anderson and my first impression was his quirky style can work without the wonderful animation that goes in Mr. Fantastic Fox. Also, another thing that I love about the movie is how unique the point of view when it comes to two children falling in love each other, while providing characters that are entreating and assuming to watch at the same time.

Sixteen Candles is easily one of the best teen comedies out there and no one can direct a teen comedy like John Hughes because they provide the perfect amount of humor and drama together, while making it realistic for teenagers who are stuck in high school like me when it comes to crushes, grandparents, and awkward sibling encounter. Also, whenever I feel like watching a teenage story, I will always prefer to watch films like this instead of Mean Girls.

Evil Dead II: Watching a film that has made a director really famous feels really good because you can tell where the director's background is when it comes to making movies and I can see why the second movie of this trilogy is highly regarded as the best film of the trilogy to many horror fans. First, it provides a perfect blend of humor, while providing all of the over the top gory scenes that this film offers. Second, the acting from Bruce Campbell is crazy good. Finally, I feel like Sam Raimi has made some of the boring clich├ęs that goes on in horror movies like going into a cabin less predictable than it would normally be if the director is not that passionate about watching other movies besides horror.

Rise of the Guardians is easily one of the most creative animated and original ones that I have seen in a while. First, I love the storyline of all of the important figures in our life during a child has their own world where they provide the things kids need like the tooth fairy, Easter eggs from Easter bunny, and so forth. Second, the world building is pretty creative and they explain everything in a simplistic manner that isn't too confusing. Finally, the film message touched my heart strings and that is a sign that any great family film should have in my opinion.

I hope you guys enjoy the list and I hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend.